Why Choose Saint Mary's

Saint Mary’s School has developed curriculum and employed strategies that capitalize on the strengths of girls on their journey to college and life.


Girls’ schools support a culture, climate and community that together generate high levels of personal and academic self-confidence and a can-do attitude. Research shows that girls in single-gender environments move on to advanced courses more often than do girls in co-educational classes. They earn better grades and report that they have greater confidence in themselves and feel more positive about their learning environment.

At Saint Mary's School, girls find the courage to explore new ideas and experiences, pursue their passions and discover their voices and how to use them to advocate for themselves and others.

What the Research Shows

What do girls' schools do best?The National Coalition of Girls Schools

The Boarding School Experience

By living where they learn, boarding school students get the additional benefit of being immersed in an education-oriented community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ability to be in close contact with teachers extends the learning experience beyond the classroom walls, providing a unique environment for self-discovery and intellectual growth for both boarding and day students at Saint Mary’s School. A girls school of the caliber of Saint Mary's

  • Permits families to consider schools beyond their local area
  • Immerses students in a rigorous academic atmosphere
  • Allows girls to be judged by their accomplishments, not on "popularity" or appearance
  • Offers a wide range of opportunities to take on leadership positions
  • Promotes lifelong friendships among classmates

In short, boarding schools combine the best of tradition with the innovative, achievement-oriented learning environments that make girls' schools such an attractive educational option today.

Source: The National Coalition of Girls Schools

For more information about the benefits of boarding schools, visit The Association of Boarding Schools.

For more about Raleigh and all it offers Saint Mary's School students, visit our Visitors Center.

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