The All-Girl Experience: What Our Students Say

We recently surveyed our Class of 2018, to find out what they believe are the advantages of being at an all-girls school and at Saint Mary’s specifically. Here are just a few of the things they had to say:

You can be yourself.”

“I think it allows girls to be more confident in themselves and in what they have to say.”

“I have more opportunities to voice my opinion and say what I really want to say.”

“You can focus on your school work.”

“I have grown smarter from this experience. I know what other girls’ experiences have been all over the world. I’ve become an advocate for women’s rights and want to change things.”

“It allows you to be yourself, to try new things, and go out and accomplish things that you would be too afraid of doing at a coed school.”

“It is such a supportive community and I like how all you have to worry about is school and being yourself.”

“I feel I am more comfortable speaking up in class and being myself without the pressure of being around guys.”

“I think that I am doing better in school and participating more in classes. I feel comfortable being myself…and this allows me to focus more on what’s important.”

“I can be more open during class and I have better relationships with teachers. I can focus more.”

“I like being able to ask questions in class. I always get to be myself….”

“You can put all the boy drama aside and focus on school.”

“We can completely be ourselves...”

“Being at an all girls’ school, though it may sound strange, has strengthened my relationships with boys… I know how I want to be treated.”

“There is a lot of bonding and you get to connect with people at different levels”

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