Sophia Abatangelo '17

One year ago, like most people who have been juniors in high school, I felt that the next five years of my life were a series of question marks. Which classes did I want to take my senior year? What did I want to study once I graduated from Saint Mary's? One question dominated all the others: what college would I be deciding upon attending next year? However, as I explored schools over COMPASS Week and with Ms. Higgins in her Smedes office, I found a school that was a great fit for me and my family—academically, socially, and financially. Looking back, I've reflected upon some things I've learned through my college search process.

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Kitty Strawn '17

As part of a mission to prepare girls for college and life, Saint Mary's focuses on the habits of a lifelong learner – critical thinking, communications, and character. Students are engaged in growing these skills through creative, hands-on, and collaborative teaching and learning. The Introduction to Operations Research course is an example of this in action. Designed for seniors who have completed Algebra II and are looking for an alternative mathematics class, the focus of the course is on using mathematics to solve problems and make decisions involving day-to-day operations as well as long-range issues. Kitty Strawn '17 shares a little about her experience with this course, in her own words...

My exam in my Introduction to Operations Research class this fall was a math project where I had to incorporate three different math concepts into one cohesive project. I chose a subject for this project that I felt I could use in my future life

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Julia Bell '17

Saint Mary's offers girls in their junior or senior year the opportunity to work on an intensive project of their choosing. Focusing on one or a combination of four areas - academic, creative, service, and/or career, a student may do an off-campus internship, an on-campus project or a more individual project. This year, senior Julia Bell's Pathway Project is an internship at The Trilogy School, a school for children with learning differences. Here's what Julia has to say about the experience, in her own words...

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Erin Russell P'19

I was happy to be on a recent parent panel for prospective families, although I worried I might flashback to the moment a student host picked up my daughter, a then prospective student on the verge of tears clearly feeling uncertain about her night away from home. Having returned the next day to find that she had a great night and was excited about her Saint Mary's experience, I hoped I could do my part in on the parent panel to help new families find the same excitement as they explored all that Saint Mary's has to offer.

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