Orchesis President Lucy Ham '18

I am so excited to welcome you to the 2017 Orchesis Dance Theatre fall concert. Being performed in Pittman Auditorium on December 1, at 7 p.m. and December 2, at 2 p.m., this is one-of-a-kind concert with a variety of dance types to please any audience member.

We have 15 dancers who are currently members of the Orchesis Dance Theatre company. I would like to recognize Lindsay-Anne McCall '20, Kate Eagles '20, Annie T. Ham '21, Matilda McCard '21, Lys Metina-Belknap '21, and Charlotte Whiteford '21, for being first-time members. Every dancer has been working hard all semester to bring her own unique personality into our group.

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Erika Reiger '18

I have been lucky enough to have been able to attend Triangle Diversity Alliance (TDA) for the past four years and am somber that this year is my last. TDA has had such a lasting impact on me because of all the stories that I have heard and all the amazing people I have met. This year's conference was held at Carolina Friends School on October 16, and had as many as 180 students and chaperones from all five independent schools participating; Saint Mary's School had 24 students attend.

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Yubin Kwon '19

We all have that moment when we realize a certain behavior of ours or of others leaves us wondering or leaves us in awe. A non-fictional, social science book called Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don't by Jim Collins mainly identifies and evaluates the variables that lead to success. And this made me wonder. The author emphasizes the term "good to great" to define how our society must make the jump from simply good to great in terms of financial performance. He believes going from good to great is essential when driving toward success in all aspects of life. However, I view this in a different way.

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Ella Lewis

One day during the first few weeks of my freshmen year, Ms. Catania announced in our Intro to Theater class that the fall production of Steel Magnolias was in need of a house manager. I remember thinking to myself that this would be a perfect way to get involved and be a part of the show. After class ended, I warily approached Ms. Catania and told her I would be interested in taking on the position. I was so nervous she would not think I was the right one for the job, but she quickly chased off those fears when she stated that I would be perfect for it. House manager is a crew head position, which leads the ushers and manages the selling of concessions. I took this job very seriously and prided myself each night when I got to walk the money box back to Ms. Catania and announce the money that was raised. I viewed my role as small, but necessary. I was the house manager for four Saint Mary's productions and during each I would sit in the back row watching my peers perform night after night. I would try to picture myself up there on stage and would immediately acquire a nervous pit in my stomach. I knew I so badly wanted to be one of the performers, but always gave excuses to myself as to why I shouldn't audition.

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Dr. Mary Hinton '88HS

On October 11, 2017, Saint Mary's 14th Head of School was installed in a ceremony in the school's historic chapel. Alumna and member of Saint Mary's Board of Trustees Dr. Mary Dana Hinton '88HS delivered the following address on this historic occasion.

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