Student Travelers

What is it like to experience a culture beyond your own? Thrilling, life changing, and perspective are a few words used by the 10 Saint Mary's students who traveled to the Dominican Republic during the summer of 2017. Embarking on a journey abroad, this travel opportunity focused on women's leadership; each day of the trip provided a new adventure and an opportunity to meet local women and girls who are enacting change in their own communities.

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Communications Office

On June 6, 2017, Harriet Conger Glover '52HS '54C appeared in a special WRAL Weather Center video. Interviewed by fellow alumna and WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner '87, Harriet shared how her grandfather, ER Conger, began his work in Edenton, N.C. in 1897 as the first volunteer weather observer for the Weather Bureau and how the Conger family has continued that tradition over the last 120 year. Click here for the video.

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