• "Saint Mary's prepared us tremendously to take on life..."

    Posted May 27, 2016
    Senior Speaker Talley Morton '16 delivered the following remarks as part of Saint Mary's Commencement Exercises on May 22, 2016. My diary entry from Friday, August 17, 2012 reads only this, “things are very different here. Everyone keeps saying y'all and they have two first names. Really not feeling this.” When I first stepped foot on Saint Mary's campus, I came with a hundred assumptions. In my primitive pre-SMS years, I didn't like being around girls, I didn't like the South, and I didn't like heat, so naturally I assumed I wouldn't attend this school and I spent hours trying to pick other boarding schools to attend. In the end, I did decide to attend Saint Mary’s, bringing my proclivity for assumptions with me.
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  • From incoming ITS President Melanie Davis '17

    Posted May 19, 2016
    At the May 3 Saint Mary's School inductions into the International Thespian Society, president-elect Melanie Davis '17, shared the following remarks. To be honest, at first, I really didn’t consider running for ITS president. It was really all on a whim that afternoon, the night before my huge history paper was due by the way, when it was announced that we did not have a president yet. For some reason, suddenly, things clicked for me, and I thought, Why not? I will be ITS president. Now, I know, this probably doesn't sound like the most reassuring thing to be coming from the person who is supposed to be your president next year, but hear me out, I do have a point with this.
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  • Finding my inner peace through Saint Mary's School

    Posted May 5, 2016
    During Sunday vespers on April 24 and on the eve of Senior Week, Allie Swanson '16 shared her thoughts about her Saint Mary's experience with students, faculty, and staff. In her own words... Hello everyone. Next week is Senior Week! It’s going to be an awesome five days of speeches, announcements, songs, and emotions. I hope that you learn a lot from us during this time, as we share with you some of what we have learned and experienced these past few years. To start off this week, I am going to give a little spiel about "finding my inner peace" over the course of being here at Saint Mary’s, specifically during these past few months. Over spring break, I went to Ethiopia with the school. As I spent a lot of time thinking, observing, connecting with others, and journaling, I found myself really digging deeper and being able to connect with people on a more meaningful level. I never felt more content with my thoughts and feelings, and I have strived to retain this inner peace since I have been back.
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  • Broadening one's outlook on the world and life

    Posted April 29, 2016
    Jenni Struthers '16, reflects on her COMPASS Week internship experience in the following blog. When the senior class was just beginning to search for internships for COMPASS Week, I remember being very anxious due to the amount of options that were available to us. Sure, starting with an interest certainly narrows down the pool significantly, but there are still so many different avenues and angles to explore and we had to choose just one for the week. Luckily, Ms. Jackson approached Ruthie Brady ’16 and me with an opportunity to go to Jakarta, Indonesia, to work with alumna Elena Fanjul-Debnam ’06 at WorkPlace Options. After Ms. Jackson explained to me that the week would involve working in a social-business setting that served to support factory workers, my anxious feelings of never being able to find the right COMPASS Week experience turned into excitement for what was ahead.
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  • Learning and friendship, French exchange 2016

    Posted April 22, 2016
    Julia Jurkin ’18 shares her thoughts about participating in Saint Mary’s exchange program with students from Lyon, France. Julia hosted a student for the duration of the exchange, March 3-14, 2016. Participating in this exchange program allowed me to make a new lifelong friend, Guillemette, who I am looking forward to visiting over the summer. I chose Guillemette, or GuiGui, as my exchange student because on paper she looked to be the perfect match for me. I was right! After only two weeks together, we have become lifelong friends and I know we will continue to stay in touch. We started out exchanging emails and connected over a favorite TV show. We still facetime to update each other about the show as well as our lives
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