Academic Departments and Curriculum

Capitalizing on the strengths of girls

Saint Mary’s School has developed curriculum and employed strategies that capitalize on the strengths of girls on their journey to college and life. Girls’ schools support a culture, climate and community that together generate high levels of personal and academic self-confidence and a can-do attitude. Research shows that girls in single-gender environments move on to advanced courses more often than do girls in co-educational classes. They earn better grades and report that they have greater confidence in themselves and feel more positive about their learning environment.


Building competencies for life

Grounded in the liberal arts and facilitated through a 21st-century experience, a Saint Mary’s School education focuses on developing key competencies that build a strong foundation for college and life. You will learn to think critically, develop a growth mindset, express ideas coherently and persuasively, and demonstrate moral, spiritual and intellectual character. Teachers intellectually engage you to discover and tap into your talents and interests, while inspiring you to accept increasing responsibility for your own learning and future.

Students are able to choose from a broad range of courses. From an array of electives and fine arts, to Advanced Placement courses, independent study, and real-world learning opportunities, girls design educational experiences unique to their interests and talents. Online courses are available at Saint Mary's for students who wish to explore the challenge of a virtual classroom. 

A complete education

A vast array of opportunities, in and out of the classroom, provide a complete education at Saint Mary’s School. A full complement of co-curricular activities and experiences allow girls to strengthen and deepen their ability to apply knowledge to new and emerging contexts.  

  • Compass Explorations
  • Extensive library resources and Learning Hub available day and evening
  • Independent study opportunities including internships and individually-designed Pathways
  • One-to-one Lenovo tablet environment
  • A robust visual and performing arts curriculum (studio art, music, choral, dance, theatre)
  • Extracurricular opportunities such as educational travel, internships, leadership, and service learning
  • Participation in programs including Science Olympiad, National History Day, Model United Nations
  • Public speaking requirements, off-campus retreats, field trips and outside speaker programs
  • Health and wellness program
  • North Carolina Outward Bound adventures
  • Summer Reading program
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