The goal of the English Department is to help students learn to communicate effectively by developing skills in reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking.

Courses acquaint students with literary works from a range of periods and cultures beginning in the 9th grade with a broad global focus using interdisciplinary approaches. Students then move to the literature of Western culture in the 10th grade and to the specific study of American and English literature in the 11th and 12th grades.

The goals of the English program in reading, carried out in all course offerings, are to develop students' awareness of the themes and styles of classic literature from around the globe and to make connections among different cultures; to enable students to read any text to determine main ideas, subsidiary points, and supporting evidence; at advanced course levels, to recognize authors’ techniques and strategies and begin to incorporate them into their own writing; and to find intellectual and aesthetic pleasure in reading. 

The goal in writing is to teach techniques such as precise word choice, effective sentence structure, logical transitions, unified organization of ideas, clarity of thought, and elegance of expression that enable students to become powerful communicators on personal, academic, and public levels. 

The English Department also sponsors the literary club and its magazine, “The Muse,” the annual Essay Contest; and the Shakespeare Competition.


Course Offerings

  • English I: World Voices
  • English II: Narrative Studies
  • English II: Western Literature
  • Honors English II: Western Literature
  • English III: American Literature
  • Honors English III: Honors American Literature
  • AP English III Advanced Placement Language and Composition: AP American Literature
  • Honors English IV: Honors British Literature
  • AP English IV: Advanced Placement Language and Composition: British Literature
  • AP English IV: Advanced Placement Literature and Composition: British Literature
  • Creative Writing Fiction and Poetry
  • Honors Creative Writing: Fiction
  • Creative Writing: Non Fiction
  • Honors Creative Writing: Non Fiction
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