Today, when science plays such a major role in human lives, it is vital that students have an understanding of its importance, benefits, and limitations. Science courses make students aware of the vast amount of information being discovered daily about the universe and t he world.

Students gain enough background to be able to read with interest and understanding current literature that deals with scientific and technological topics as well as to continue science study at advanced levels with a sense of confidence.

The science program offers courses in both the biological and the physical sciences and aims to stimulate critical thinking and to teach students how to understand and interpret data and to apply the scientific method. Laboratory experiences form a major part of science study. Through them, students explore the world via the microscope, experimentation and observation, and field work, which help them relate the more abstract concepts considered in lecture periods to their immediate experience. Opportunities for individual research programs are available for students who wish to go beyond the basic required courses.

Course Offerings

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Honors Biology I
  • Honors Biology II
  • Advanced Placement Biology
  • Honors Chemistry
  • Advanced Placement Chemistry
  • Honors Physics
  • Advanced Placement Physics
  • Ecology
  • Advanced Placement Environmental Science
  • Marine Science
  • Astronomy
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