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At Saint Mary’s School, we break stereotypes every day. Beginning with the ones about girls’ schools. Along with no uniforms, there are also no limits to what you can accomplish here.

Our 23-acre campus is located in vibrant downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, just blocks away from some of the nation’s most forward-thinking companies—many of which offer internships, mentorships, and hands-on learning opportunities for our students.

In our open-door classrooms, we follow an innovative curriculum that’s as demanding as it is inspiring. Here, you will be challenged to think critically and collaboratively, exercise leadership skills, embrace your independence, and explore your passions as you prepare to excel in college and beyond.

If you’re ready to shatter expectations on the way to unlocking your true potential, Saint Mary’s School has everything you need.

You've got this.

Smedes Hall


A prayer for all those impacted by Hurricane Florence from our friends Bishop Sam Rodman and Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina:

God of all creation, giver of life and author of salvation: look with compassion upon the lands, the waters and all the creatures therein, in the path of natural disasters like Hurricane Florence, Typhoon Mangkhut, and their aftermath. Give to each according to our need strength, serenity and stability in the hours, days and weeks to come. Help us to be still where we must be still, be empowered where we can be most useful, and be tender in our care for each and every neighbor, near and far. Amen.

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