The community at Saint Mary's School is comprised of a wide range of people.
From our students, faculty and staff to our parents, trustees, and institutional leadership team, Saint Mary's is an energized community of learners who share a passion for educating girls and a commitment to fulfilling the school's mission and core values.

Elected Student Officers, 2022-2023

Executive Student Government Association Officers 2022-2023

  • President: Caroline Bradshaw '23
  • Vice President: Lilly Larson '23
  • Secretary: Kee Griffith '23
  • Judicial Board Chair: Embree Duffy '23
  • Judicial Board Vice Chair: Eliza Dunn Tillman '23
  • Student Life Chair: Sienna Gilbert '23
  • Boarding Life Representative: Lilly Bryant '23
  • Day Life Representative: Sibley Hash '23
  • Senior Class President: Elizabeth Williamson '23
  • Chief Marshal: Chloe Pigues '23


12th Grade Officers

President: Elizabeth Williamson '23

Vice President: Emma Claire Broome '23

Secretary: Gillian Englert '23

Judicial Board Representative, Boarding: Elizabeth Zhang '23

Judicial Board Representative, Day: Margaret Montague '23 and Isabel Yates '23 

Student Life Council, Boarding Representative: Emily Norris '23

Student Life Council, Day Representative: Sarah Pratt Armes '23

Food Council, Boarding Representative: Anna Clair Wiggins '23

Food Council, Day Representative: Lucy Harris '23


10th Grade Officers

President: Lily Davis Horne '25

Vice President: Emma Teague '25

Secretary: Audrey Barnett '25

Judicial Board Boarder Representative: Louisa de Beer '25

Judicial Board Day Student Representative: Elise Anderson '25

Student Life Council, Day Representative: Emme Seymour '25

Student Life Council, Boarding Representative: Eliza Gugenheim '25

Food Council, Boarding Representative: Carter Morrison '25

Food Council, Day Representative: Helen Wein '25

Marshals 2022-2023

Marshals 2022-2023

  • Chief Marshal: Chloe Pigues '23 

  • Betsy Boyd '23

  • CC Chiavetta '23

  • Chelsea Coleman '23

  • Hayden Lund '23

  • Margaret Scoggin '23


11th Grade Officers

President: Helen Newcomb '24

Vice President: Lucy Whitford '24

Secretary: Abby Sottini '24

Judicial Board Representative, Boarding: Lilly Chafin '24 and Molly Lanahan '24

Judicial Board Representative, Day: Ava Bratten '24 and Anna Ross Carmichael '24

Student Life Council, Boarding Representative: Bryn Montgomery '24

Student Life Council, Day Representative: Mary Susan Rideout '24

Food Council, Boarding Representative: Audrey Smithwick '24

Food Council, Day Representative: Anna Jones '24


9th Grade Officers

President: Adeline Layton '26

Vice President: Emma Cimo '26

Secretary: Colleen Eveson '26

Student Life Council, Day Representative: Harper Heffner '26

Student Life Council, Boarding Representative: Liv Jones '26

Food Council, Day Representative: Emily West '26