Board of Visitors

The Saint Mary's School Board of Visitors creates an annual venue for an exchange of ideas on the future of education in this country, specifically the education of girls and young women.

By convening an annual meeting of business and professional people, Saint Mary’s School establishes itself as a convener around topics related to the advancement of girls and women, gains fresh insights from those outside the school, and stays abreast of national and global trends. The annual dialogue informs the school’s ongoing work with students.

The Saint Mary’s School Board of Visitors will convene its Annual Meeting on Monday, October 22, 2018 at 1 p.m. Our theme is “Think Differently,” a topic introduced earlier this year to our campus community by Saint Mary’s student leaders. Hear from Anne Jones and Dan Gonzalez, co-founders of Saint Mary’s newest community partner, District C., as they showcase how they design experiences for diverse groups of adolescents to come together to engage with new modes of learning to solve complex problems for the local business community.

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