Board of Visitors

The Saint Mary's School Board of Visitors creates an annual venue for an exchange of ideas on the future of education in this country, specifically the education of girls and young women.

By convening an annual meeting of business and professional people, Saint Mary’s School establishes itself as a convener around topics related to the advancement of girls and women, gains fresh insights from those outside the school, and stays abreast of national and global trends. The annual dialogue informs the school’s ongoing work with students.

Jean Driscoll Board of Visitors Keynote

The Saint Mary’s School Board of Visitors convened its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 8 a.m. with a theme of “Dream Big, Work Hard,” a variation on the 2019-2020 theme student government theme of "Do Big Things." Since 1990, Jean Driscoll has been one of the most inspiring leaders in women's sports. Her tenacity for winning in women's wheelchair racing earned her a place in the record books and her charisma and enthusiasm for life has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Best known for her eight victories at the Boston Marathon and her two Olympic silver medals (1992, 1996), and still holds the world record in the 10,000 meter (6.2 mile) track event that was set during the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Jean remains the only 12-time champion of the Lilac Bloomsday 12K Road Race held in Spokane, Washington and owned the course record in her division from 1995-2015. Jean has inspired both men and women, athletes and non-athletes, and those with and without physical disabilities.