Saint Mary's Parents Association


The Saint Mary's Parents Association plays an important role in the life of the school.

It is a resource for parents offering support from an experienced executive committee, class parents, and day and boarding parent representatives. The Parents Association plays a vital role in building a sense of community for parents while encouraging parent involvement in support of Saint Mary's School and its mission to prepare girls for college and life.

The Parents Association (PA) hosts parent, student, and some faculty and staff events. From a parent education series to student grade-level dinners; from providing boarding students with welcome packages to planning parent weekend activities and socials, there are so many ways the PA and its volunteers contribute to Saint Mary's School.

Every parent is a member of the Parents Association. With so many different ways to get involved, it is easy for parents to find ways to share their time and talents with the school community. Volunteering at Saint Mary's is a wonderful way for parents to become more familiar with life at the school, to meet other parents, and to support the work of those making a difference in the lives of their daughters.

Parents Association Executive Committee, 2022-2023

Louise Stowe  P'20,'24, President
Kelly Seymour  P'22,'25, President Elect
Marian Godwin ’98HS, P'22,'25, Treasurer
Catherine Rideout  P'22,'24, Secretary
Cameron Ellerbe  P'21,'26, Calendar
Elizabeth Rankin  P'25, Boarding Life
Tiffany Lund  P'23,'26, 9th Grade Class Parent Rep
Drew Brown  P'25, 10th Grade Class Parent
Virginia Platto  P'24, 11th Grade Class Parent Rep
Katherine Griffith  P'23, 12th Grace Class Parent Rep

Parents Association Committee Chairs, 2022-2023

Lora Barnett  P'25, Admission Committee Chair & Faculty Appreciation Committee Co-Chair
Joanie Preyer  P'24, Advancement Committee Chair
Andy Lund  P'23,'26, Athletics Committee Chair
Janine Coleman  P'23,'23, Boarding Life Committee Co-Chair
Elizabeth Rankin  P'25, Boarding Life Committee Co-Chair
Cameron Ellerbe  P'21,'26, Calendar Committee Chair
Anne Wein  P'25, Faculty Appreciation Committee Co-Chair
Allison Glenn  P'19,'23, Parent Education Committee Chair
Christina Allen ’96HS, P'26, Social Committee Co-Chair
Ashlyn Whitford  P'18,'24, Social Committee Co-Chair
Amy Brinley  P'21,'24, Senior Dinner Committee Chair
Benji Jones  P'23 FR'23, Visual and Performing Arts Committee Chair

Grade-Level Dinner Hosts, 2022-2023

Molly Painter  P'20,'26, 9th Grade-Level Dinner Host
Kelly Seymour  P'22,'25 FR'22, 10th Grade-Level Dinner Host
Carolyn Fendelman  P'24, 11th Grade-Level Dinner Host
Beth Williamson  P'18,'23, 12th Grade-Level Dinner Host

PA Meeting Minutes Log