In the Classroom: A.P. Language students create ad campaigns for Saint Mary's School
Mary Virginia Swain '77C

Students in Instructor of English Alison Chernin's A.P. Language class presented advertising projects in their classes recently. The assignment, designed to better understand ethos, pathos, and logos through the creation of advertisements promoting Saint Mary's School, allowed students to apply what they were learning to a real-world context that had relevance for them. The assignment also engaged the girls in exercising key competencies like communication and collaboration.

Students worked with partners to create ads to market various aspects of Saint Mary's to prospective students, parents, and alumnae. In creating the ad campaigns, the students used their knowledge of ethos, pathos, and logo; used examples from magazines; and researched industry-based sources, such as Ad Week.

After creating initial ad concepts, the students sought feedback from various internal and external focus groups of all ages, which happened around campus, at the Chick-fil-A, around North Hills, and other locations on and off campus. They used the input to improve and tweak their ads and quantify and analyze ad effectiveness with data.

Examples of the ad copy and taglines include the following.

Grow your Talent at Saint Mary's School!

At Saint Mary's, you can find your passion and give it the attention it deserves. Saint Mary's is a place where it is ok to make mistakes because mistakes evolve into your personal artistic development. You may even want to be a part of the chorale, who performed in Chicago last year. Impactful opportunities, such as singing in symphony hall in Chicago come along with being a part of an art at Saint Mary's.

Preparing Girls for their Future since 1842.

Collaborate and Investigate in Kenan Library.

Saint Mary's School: It's Like Living with Your Best Friends

The students pitched their ads in presentations to Saint Mary's communications professionals in the Marketing and Communications Department.

"The ads and pitch presentations were sophisticated, creative, authentic, and thoughtful, and demonstrated the aspects of life at Saint Mary's that our students love, including Kenan Library, the arts at SMS, college counseling, traditions, leadership opportunities, educational travel, connections through the generations, and more," said one member of the Marketing and Communications Department.

Scroll through this sampling of the ads, and we think you will be sold on Saint Mary's School!