Payment Options

All students must submit a signed Enrollment and Tuition Payment Contract with a non-refundable reservation deposit to secure their enrollment for the school year. The reservation deposit will be applied to the cost of tuition. Beyond that, families can choose from a range of payment plans to find the one that best fits their financial lifestyle.

Single Payment Plan

Saint Mary's School encourages all families who are able to do so, to make a single, lump sum payment by July 1, prior to the start of the school year.

Semester Payment Plan

Tuition is paid in two equal payments, July 1 and December 1.

Monthly Payment Plan

Payments to be made in equal monthly installments beginning in May, or in the month following enrollment, whichever is later. Equal monthly installment payments will be calculated and billed so that tuition is paid in full no later than January 31. 

Loan Options

Families may choose to spread out the payments for tuition over more than nine months through a low-interest loan from a third-party designed specifically for independent secondary schools. Please contact the Business Office for more information about loans.

Parents and students should understand their financial obligations as outlined above and in the Enrollment and Tuition Payment Contract. It is understood that students are enrolled for the entire year, or such portion as may remain after the date of enrollment. The fact that fees may be paid in installments does not constitute a fractional contract.

Call the Saint Mary's School Business Office at 919-424-4126 with any questions regarding payment plans and options.