Sigma Mu, 2017

Welcome, Saints! It's an exciting time at Saint Mary’s, and we're thrilled to soon welcome you to campus.

We’ve designed this special site to support new and returning students in their transition to Saint Mary’s for the 2021-2022 school year. Through a series of intentional programs, activities, and events that reinforce Saint Mary’s values, we look forward to welcoming our Saints to 900 Hillsborough Street.

Below are three "entry points" for families: newly enrolled, returning, and international families. Each section of this website is set up specifically for your family's profile based on your enrollment type. The site will continue to be updated over the next several weeks as additional forms, information, and deadlines are shared. (Please check back throughout the summer for updates and/or changes.)


Information and updates will be updated and shared on this site throughout the summer.



Veracross Login & Student IDs: At the end of July, the Office of Information Technology ("Technology") will send out an email to all newly enrolled families with instructions on how to access Veracross with each parent receiving their parent username and password information as well as instructions on how to access their daughter's schedule, which is available in mid-August. 

At the end of July, your daughter will receive a separate email with instructions on how to access her Saint Mary’s email and how to access the student portal. If she is new to Saint Mary’s she will get her username and password. She will also receive instructions on how to access her classes and daily schedule. Once she has received this information, please encourage her to check her Saint Mary’s email account, as this is the primary tool the school uses to communicate with our students.


My Kids Spending Account (MKS): Parents can and are encouraged to complete the restriction form early, however please note that you cannot fund the MKS account until your daughter’s accounts are uploaded to the program. This will happen the beginning of August. The reason for this is that we have to perform an archive of the MKS/Store system for the 20/21 school year and cannot do that until July.


Registration & Orientation Schedules: Saint Mary's registration and orientation schedules have been updated. Please click on either the "REGISTRATION" or "ORIENTATION" red buttons (scroll down) to access that updated information. The Residential Life Office also wants to let you know that roommate assignments will be sent out on Wednesday, August 4.


Compliance Reminder: This is a general reminder from Saint Mary’s School that all student health forms are due July 15, 2021. To provide our health center staff the time to process and plan for each individual student’s needs, the following must be submitted in order for your daughter to be in compliance and allowed to attend classes this fall.
  • Vital Health Record (electronic)
  • Consent to Treat (electronically sign)
  • Physical Examination from pages one and two (valid for 13 months within date of exam)
  • Immunizations Requirements (Compliant with NC requirements). NC allows a 30-day grace period from the first day of school. Boarders need to arrive in full compliance as they are living in a congregate setting. Due to limited appointments, the BHC can only be responsible for vaccinating those international students who do not have full access to immunizations.
  • Annual Tuberculosis Testing (International Students only)
  • Medication Administration Form (if applicable)
  • Action Plans (for any applicable conditions)


Opening of School & COVID-19 Playbook: An important email from Binder Health Center was sent today to enrolled families regarding Saint Mary's School's opening of school and COVID-19 updates. As we navigate the year, we ask that you remain supportive and helpful. Our number one priority is to keep OUR school open, and together, we know we can have an amazing year! Our school plans to operate as normally as possible for the 2021-2022 school year. Unfortunately, COVID-19 will still be with us. Although COVID-19 rates are lower now than at any point during this past school year, over the past two weeks they have been steadily rising in all 50 States, including North Carolina. SMS will once again base our COVID-19 playbook on guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the National Association of Independent Schools (NCAIS), and the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, amongst other credible organizations. It is clear the best safeguards we have at our disposal for a normal school year are the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. Saint Mary’s School highly encourages all students and employees to be vaccinated. A high vaccination rate on our campus will help stem spread in our community and allow us to function as normally as possible. Be it the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, DHHS, or the CDC, our guiding organizations agree vaccines are our best protection for a more normalized year. Additionally, we will follow guidance from the CDC. We are not requiring vaccinated students to test, nor quarantine, in the case of a suspected or known exposure. Please note that SMS is requiring all vaccinated students to upload their COVID-19 card under the “Immunizations” requirement in Magnus. This is necessary to grant exemption from exposure requirements as quickly as possible, as well as to determine the overall immunity of the community. There are ADDITIONAL updates and notes in today's email. Please let the Admissions Office know if you did not receive an email regarding this message. For instructions on how to upload health forms, vaccination records, etc., or to carefully review Binder Health Center requirements for the 2021-2022 school year, click here. For questions regarding health center forms, contact Sharon Holmes, RN, Director of Binder Health Center, at 919-424-4043 or


COVID-19 Consent to Vaccinate & International Health Insurance Requirement Reminders: An important email from Binder Health Center was sent today to enrolled international families regarding the COVID-19 vaccine authorization form (consent to vaccinate) for students age 16 and over. The email also included a reminder regarding Saint Mary's US-based health insurance requirements for international families. If you missed this correspondence, please click here or click on the "International Families" blue button below for the full message and forms. For questions regarding health center forms, contact Sharon Holmes, RN, Director of Binder Health Center, at 919-424-4043 or

Questions regarding admissions? Contact the Admission Office at 919-424-4100 or


Meet Our Executive SGA and Marshals

Student Government Association, 2021-2022

Tommi Hayley Wilder, President
Dimney Louise Rideout, Vice President
Caroline Rebecca Garrison, Secretary
Sofia Blanco Cimballa, Chair of Judicial Board
Margaret Helen “Mimi” Peterson, Vice-Chair of Judicial Board
Mills Katherine Austin, Chair of Student Life
Ainsley Grace Parkerson, Boarding Life Representative
Rebekah McNeill Elam, Day Life Representative
Maria Coe “Coco” Jones, Senior Class President
Jane Elizabeth Usher, Chief Marshal

Marshals, 2021-2022

Congratulations, to Saint Mary's School's newly elected Marshals for 2021-2022. Chief Marshal Jane Usher '22, Lily Finkelstein '22, Kreusi Griffin '22, Francie Hogshead '22, Macy Seymour '22, and Ciara Wingfield '22.

Executive SGA, 2021-2022

Congratulations, to the newly elected first slate of Executive Student Government Association (SGA) officers for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year! Pictured (clockwise from top left) are Tommi Wilder '22, SGA president; Caroline Garrison '22, secretary; Mills Austin '22, student life chair; Sofia Cimballa '22, Judicial Board chair.