Saint Mary's Awards

Click on the link below to read more about our 2020 Mazie Award winners.  Presentations would have taken place on Saturday, April 25, 2020 at our Luncheon.  Congratulations to our 2020 Honorees!

Mazie Strickland Froelich ’51C Society

The Saint Mary's Alumnae Council created the Mazie Strickland Froelich '51C Distinguished Alumnae Society in honor of Mazie's leadership and service to Saint Mary's School. The ultimate example of a distinguished alumna during her lifetime, the late Mrs. Froelich was the first female chair of the school’s board of trustees.

Under the umbrella of the society, two outstanding alumnae awards are given annually. The Outstanding Alumna Award is given annually for outstanding service to the school through leadership, student recruitment and alumnae support, and the Distinguished Alumna Award recognizes an alumna's outstanding achievements in volunteer service and/or her professional distinctions.

To nominate a classmate, please fill out the form below.

Mazie Strickland Froelich '51C Alumnae Award Nomination Form


Eligible nominees must be in a class ending in “2” or “7”.
Please contact Jeannine Eason Brown ’94HS ’96C at with any questions.
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Outstanding Alumnae Award Winners:

  • 2020: Gray Clark Stoughton '78HS '80C
  • 2016: Gwyn Cooley Pearce '79HS '81C
  • 2015: Carol Ann Tadlock "Tad" Wyman '60C (awarded posthumously)
  • 2014: Linda Kerr Moore '69C
  • 2013: Judy Rhodes Hoyt '63C
  • 2012: Dabney Johnston Mann ’60HS ’62C
  • 2011: Mary Louise Bizzell Burress ’56C and Pearla Ann Revelle Lowe ’56C
  • 2010: Coleman Jenkins Dance ’55HS ’57C and Olivia Lynch Hardin ’50C
  • 2009: Olive Camp Johnson ’44HS and Julie Badger Moore ’69C
  • 2008: Sue Battle Moore ’63C and Suiter Whitehead Coxe ’81HS ’83C
  • 2007: Margaret Cheatham Williams ’50HS ’52C and Dell Parker Paschal ’70HS ’72C
  • 2006: Franky Allen Fanjoy '49HS '51C and Bess Knotts Walker '76C
  • 2005: Anna Redding Pitt '50HS '52C and Sally Maddison Wooten '85HS
  • 2004: Katherine Hunter Bratton '69C and Marjorie Worthy '84C
  • 2003: Aurelia Fulton Stafford '48HS '50C and Beth Pate McClintic '76HS '78C
  • 2002: Sarah Ellen White Archie '57HS '59C and Eleanor White Hunter '87C
  • 2001: Mazie Strickland Froelich '51C and Mary Grady Koonce Bell '81HS
  • 2000: Blanche Robertson Bacon '53HS '55C and Dabney Mann Hollis '85C

Distinguished Alumnae Award Winners:

  • 2020: Sallie Shuping-Russell ’75C
  • 2016: Hope Tyndall Hancock '74HS '76C
  • 2015: Anna Frank "Frankie" Strosnider DuBose '50C
  • 2014: Jane Augustine Rabon '59C
  • 2013: Dianne Ricks '63HS '65C (awarded posthumously)
  • 2012: Nancy Dawson Rascoe ’52C
  • 2011: Hannah “Shug” Dawson Gage ’71HS ’73C
  • 2010: Marjorie Bryan Buckley ’60C
  • 2009: Betty Debnam Hunt ’47HS ’49C
  • 2008: Anne Bailey Lewis ’53C and Ann Rountree Lineweaver ’58C
  • 2007: Janet Hicks Bethune ’67C
  • 2006: Frances Schultz '76HS '78C
  • 2005: Betty Ray McCain '50C
  • 2004: Reba White Williams '54HS
  • 2003: Mary Ferebee Howard '32C

The John Bratton, Jr. Volunteer Service Recognition Award

The John Bratton, Jr. Volunteer Service Recognition Award was established by John R. Bratton, Michelle Bratton Parker ’63HS ’65C, Connie Bratton Grine ’68HS, Lucy Bratton Doak ’72HS, Jane Bratton Fleming ’76HS ’78C, Theodore D. Bratton, and Samuel T. Bratton in honor of the eighty-fifth birthday of their father, John Bratton, Jr. 

Through his lifelong commitment to Saint Mary’s School, Mr. Bratton exemplified selfless service.  He was singularly important in creating a top-tier high school for young women.  This Award honors volunteers who stand out because of their leadership, vision, creativity, and generosity of spirit just as Mr. Bratton did for many decades at Saint Mary’s School. 

  • 2008: J. Cross Williams
  • 2009: Blanche Robertson Bacon ’52HS, ’55C
  • 2010: Kate Spruill Harrison ’35C
  • 2017: Joan Comer Johnston ’87C
  • 2017: Laura Norris Raynor ’69HS ’71C
  • 2018: Lane Turner Nash '72HS '74C
  • 2019: Aurelia Fulton Stafford ’48HS ’50C