Corina Argiry '20, Isabel McGowan '20, and Claire Smith '20

Early in April 2019, three Saint Mary's students traveled to Princeton, New Jersey to participate in #LEADLIKEAGIRL an annual conference "for risk-takers and changemakers." Corina Argiry '20, Isabel McGowan '20, and Claire Smith '20. joined other students and educators from around the country to share their girl-wisdom, learn from one another, and hear from inspirational women leaders.

The Saint Mary's students gave a presentation titled "Developing Your Pitching Toolkit" designed to teach other girls how to effectively pitch. They defined pitching as "a selling technique that effectively displays and markets your business/ideas.

Here's what Corina, Isabel, and Claire had to say about the experience.

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Rim Metina-Belknap '19

We are so excited to welcome you to the Spring 2019 Orchesis Dance Theatre Concert. This concert, performed by 18 Orchesis members, is a special one and we hope it will spark joy in the community.

We would like to recognize five very important people who have been so important to Orchesis this year. The first three are our Orchesis seniors, Lilly Beth Glenn, Emma Rose McCune, and Rim Metina-Belknap. We are proud of all their accomplishments during their four years in Orchesis; and we are sad to see them leave us in May!

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Josie DeRonja '19 and Janie Jackson '19

Over spring break this year we were part of a group of eight Saint Mary's girls who went to Addis Ababa Ethiopia along with Ms. Chernin, Dr. Holstein, and Dean Healy. It was a life-changing experience and a trip that we will never forget. We made new friends, tried new foods, and were exposed to a culture different from our own.

When we first got off the plane and stepped into Ethiopia we were a little nervous. We had never been anywhere like Ethiopia before and did not know what to expect. When we saw the kind, smiling faces of our tour guides, Bini and Dougie, our worries faded. Bini and Dougie quickly made an effort to learn all of our names, and soon enough we were all joking and laughing with each other. They really encouraged us to immerse ourselves in the culture by trying new foods and trying to learn the language they spoke, Amharic.

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Monica Pan '19

Each year, the LIGHTUP Festival in Chapel Hill celebrates the Lantern Festival (the last day of the Lunar New Year) and gives everyone an opportunity to experience Chinese food, calligraphy, a dress-up photo booth, and other traditional arts and crafts. Most importantly, there are lots of indoor and outdoor performances, including bands, Peking Opera, and dance battles.

I have participated in these performances with my dance crews since freshman year; however, this year as a senior, my LIGHTUP memory has to include my Saint Mary's K-pop Girls. After putting all of our pieces together and making as much time as possible for practice in just two weeks, we finally created a 15-minute K-pop Mashup for the audience.

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Mia Gerdts '19

In early February, a group of students and I returned from the Dominican Republic, where we spent a long weekend learning about different organizations and improving our leadership skills. We visited Dream Project, an organization that works with children and women to help give equal educational opportunities, where we were able to participate in an activity with a group of girls from a local school about equality.

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