J'Lah Johnson '20

Throughout the semester in Women's Detective Fiction, we read both collaboratively and individually, multiple fiction mystery and detective novels by extraordinary authors such as P.D. James and Agatha Christie. Throughout the semester we not only read these novels and took note of the details of the story lines, we also studied how each author used and incorporated domestic epistemology into their plots and story lines. Domestic epistemology is the study of how one may solve mysteries. In our class capstone project, we emailed adults all around campus to help us set up a mystery for the seventh-period Womens' Detective Fiction class.

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Communications Office

Graduates of all-girls schools have a definitive edge over their coeducated peers. This week, the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) released the results of a study that shows statistically significant advantages for girls' school graduates as they enter university.

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Louise Catania '77C

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.

Thank you to Chaplain Bonner-Stewart for asking me to give the word of the day during the season of Advent. As the daughter of an Episcopal minister, it brings me great joy to speak to you from the pulpit. I want to start with the legend of La Befana. She is the Italian Christmas witch. She is like our Santa Claus. I had never heard of her until I married Papa Joe Catania. As you know he is of Italian descent. Here's her story.

La Befana was at home one day, cooking and cleaning when she heard a knock at the door and when she opened it there stood three kings. Behind them was a large group of villagers who had joined the wise men along their journey to find the Christ child and worship him. The kings invited her as well to follow the star and seek the Christ with them so that they can worship him and give him gifts, but she declined because she had too much cooking and housework to do. And she shut the door.

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Corina Argiry '20

I was nervously anticipating this moment at the District C Pitch Night – our recommendations could either strike the right chord with the company or go horribly wrong. Critiquing an established company in front of their managing director was a challenging task, especially when providing honest feedback about how they could improve.

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Maddison Wooten '19 and Dora Yang '19

In Saint Mary's School Thanksgiving Chapel on November 13, seniors Maddison Wooten and Dora Yang reflected on what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving season.

Maddison: Reflecting on our shared memories over the years, from the first time we met each other, to now, and everything in between, we realized that we oftentimes forget to intentionally appreciate these experiences. Additionally, in reflection, we have recognized how our experiences come together and make us into the people we are now. And for that, we are grateful. So, as we approach Thanksgiving, we thought we'd share some stories of our experiences and our gratefulness with you all today.

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