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A prayer for all those impacted by Hurricane Florence from our friends Bishop Sam Rodman and Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina:

God of all creation, giver of life and author of salvation: look with compassion upon the lands, the waters and all the creatures therein, in the path of natural disasters like Hurricane Florence, Typhoon Mangkhut, and their aftermath. Give to each according to our need strength, serenity and stability in the hours, days and weeks to come. Help us to be still where we must be still, be empowered where we can be most useful, and be tender in our care for each and every neighbor, near and far. Amen.

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Emma Rose McCune '19

Every summer, Saint Mary's students are inspired to expand their horizons and have new experiences. Emma Rose McCune '19 traveled from her Raleigh home to New York City for a program with the New York Times. Here's what she had to say about the experience:

This summer I spent two weeks in New York City enrolled in the New York Times Summer Academy. A Saint Mary's alumna, Eliza Barsanti '17, participated in the program two summers ago and told her Saint Mary's dance instructor – who happens to be my mother, about how amazing the experience was; and my mom mentioned it to me. After looking it up online, I knew this program was something I wanted to try.

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Alexa Boyer '19

France is a beautiful country, rich with history, culture, and life. Through Saint Mary's French exchange program with the Institution des Chartreux, I was provided with the opportunity to experience life in another country, firsthand. The trip lasted two weeks, which gave us plenty of time to get to know our French host families and immerse ourselves in their culture. We were able to test our French language skills, grow our vocabularies, and appreciate a different way of life.

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Amber Morse '18

Good morning everyone. I would like to start off with how humbled I am to be standing in front of you today, and I am grateful to my class for giving me this opportunity. As a short aside, I'd like to take this time thank faculty, staff, underclasswomen, parents, and families, because behind every graduate in the class of '18 is a multitude of great people who helped her get this far. Graduates, let's give them a big round of applause.

For this speech, I did a lot of research because I wanted to make this really great for you all. The class of 2018 deserves that. To let you know my process, I read through past Saint Mary's commencement speeches, I watched highschool speakers from across the country on youtube, and most importantly, I studied in depth the inspirational graduation speech of High School Musical 3 protagonist, Troy Bolton.

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