#LEADINGLIKEAGIRL: "An amazing experience"
Corina Argiry '20, Isabel McGowan '20, and Claire Smith '20

Early in April 2019, three Saint Mary's students traveled to Princeton, New Jersey to participate in #LEADLIKEAGIRL an annual conference "for risk-takers and changemakers." Corina Argiry '20, Isabel McGowan '20, and Claire Smith '20. joined other students and educators from around the country to share their girl-wisdom, learn from one another, and hear from inspirational women leaders.

The Saint Mary's students gave a presentation titled "Developing Your Pitching Toolkit" designed to teach other girls how to effectively pitch. They defined pitching as "a selling technique that effectively displays and markets your business/ideas.

Here's what Corina, Isabel, and Claire had to say about the experience.

Corina Argiry '20
I was so excited for the opportunity to present our workshop "Developing Your Pitching Toolkit" at the annual #LEADLIKEAGIRL conference. After gaining experience from the HQ Raleigh Cohort last year and District C this fall, our team was prepared to share our insights and experiences with girls also interested in entrepreneurship. The best part of the trip, besides the yummy passionfruit sorbet, were the conversations with the attendees of our workshop after the presentation. From elementary school girls to adults, it was amazing to see the impact of our workshop through hearing those who were inspired by our presentation because of our emphasis on confidence building, taking risks, and entrepreneurship. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I would love to thank Saint Mary's for making this trip possible.

Isabel McGowan '20
The #LEADLIKEAGIRL conference was honestly an amazing experience. It was incredible to showcase what Claire, Corina, and I have learned about entrepreneurship at Saint Mary's. There were so many passionate people there and I loved the younger girls who attended our workshop because I was able to see firsthand the impact we had on them. They were very interested in the business – like us; it was inspiring to see other determined young women. Our workshop activity provided an engaging opportunity to practice innovative pitching. Everyone told us they learned a lot, which was rewarding for us as a group. Overall, it was an impactful conference I loved attending because we could work together to teach others about what we have learned about effective pitching.

Claire Smith '20
This conference was an amazing opportunity to go and work with an audience of different age groups and backgrounds. It was so inspiring to see so many young girls learning and presenting diverse works in the field of STEM.