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Women's Leadership in the Dominican Republic
Mia Gerdts '19

In early February, a group of students and I returned from the Dominican Republic, where we spent a long weekend learning about different organizations and improving our leadership skills. We visited Dream Project, an organization that works with children and women to help give equal educational opportunities, where we were able to participate in an activity with a group of girls from a local school about equality.

We also met with Health Horizons International, an organization that works to provide health education and medication to communities who may not otherwise have access, especially focusing on nutrition and chronic diseases. We went humpback whale watching and later had dinner with the founder of Whales Samana, the women who basically started the whale watching industry. One of the last organizations we visited was a school that was a MUDHA, an organization that strives to help people without documentation. Our group learned about the history of the Dominican Republic, and appreciated having the eye-opening experience of visiting all the different organizations.