Saint Mary's School is an interconnected community where creative and collaborative teaching and learning happen in every part of school life.

Here you will build a strong academic and personal foundation while discovering your intellectual courage and growing as lifelong learner.

An interdisciplinary approach ensures no subject exists in isolation at Saint Mary’s School. Coursework is integrated so you build on existing knowledge and make important connections between areas of study.

Teachers challenge you—as you and your fellow students challenge each other—to examine ideas in new ways. You find the courage to ask questions, debate, probe and defend. You discover your voice and use it with confidence. You achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Academic News

Laura Novia

Travel is proven to broaden the mind, enrich the soul, and deepen one's understanding of the people and places in the world around us. That is why each year, Saint Mary's School offers opportunities for its students to journey to different lands and experience cultures new to them. Through these experiences students develop competencies - and memories, that will serve them for a lifetime. As Hans Christian Andersen is credited with saying, "to travel is to live," and so this spring, an adventurous group of Saint Mary's girls and faculty have set off for Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic.

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Mary Virginia Swain '77C

Compass Leadership Week underway at Saint Mary's School, offering students meaningful off-campus learning experiences engaging students in grade-level activities matching their social, emotional, and age-appropriate needs.

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