Special Studies

Learning Lab/Flex Period/Tutorial

Saint Mary’s School students have opportunities throughout the week to work with faculty outside of class. All 9th and 10th graders are assigned a learning lab as one of their classes, while 11th and 12th  grades students have the option of a flex period or a learning lab. During learning lab students complete work and prepare for assessments in a structured environment with learning coaches. Furthermore, students move through a study skills curriculum designed by Saint Mary’s faculty, which includes topics such as time management, organization, goal setting, memory skills, and test taking strategies. Flex period affords students the opportunity to choose where they study and how they use this time, preparing them for college. For students who still need structure or prefer the structure they can attend a learning lab. Additionally, all students have access to their teachers at the end of the day in tutorial. During tutorial students can schedule an appointment or drop in for help on assignments, test preparation, or collaborate with their faculty.

Advisory Program

The Saint Mary’s School advisory program is a personalized, academic advising program designed to guide students as the navigate their high school experience. A student’s advisor is a central connecting point for the student and provides an integrated understanding of the student’s academic and personal growth and development. Each student is part of an advisory consisting of approximately six students. Advisory meets four times a week, including one weekly advisory lunch. Additionally, student’s meet on a one-to-one basis with their advisor.

After-School Program (3 out of 3 terms for 9th - and 10th -grade students; 2 out of 3 terms for 11th - and 12th -grade students)

With the goal of educating the “whole” student, Saint Mary’s requires students to participate in afterschool programs. The after-school programs are divided into three terms to coincide with the interscholastic athletic seasons. Students have a choice to participate after school in interscholastic athletics, Triangle Fitness, Orchesis Dance, or a theater production. Ninth- and tenth-grade students must participate in one of the options all three terms; eleventh- and twelfth-grade students must participate in two out of three terms.

2022-2023 Course Offerings