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Online learning is nothing new for Saint Mary's School.

Saint Mary's plans to operate fully in-person for the 2022-2023 school year with no virtual option offered. We sometimes employ virtual learning days for reasons including inclement winter weather days.

In the event that the school would need to pivot to virtual learning, whether for the pandemic or inclement weather, Saint Mary's is prepared.

Committed to providing girls with a challenging and comprehensive educational experience, Saint Mary's has long employed technology to ensure learning continues through hurricanes, snow storms, and other mitigating circumstances. In the event the campus may close for a variety of possible reasons, learning continues.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Mary's re-imagined the possibilities inherent in its innovative, 21st-century academic program to expand its online learning experience.

With a growth-based approach at its center, online learning, like all Saint Mary’s programming, is designed specifically for girls and offers myriad opportunities for collaborative and student-driven learning – key competencies that leverage the strength of girls.

While the experiences may look different in a distance-learning space, the design goals are the same: build 21st-century competencies, maintain connectivity, engage girls in their own learning, deepen learning, and minimize stress with an assessment model designed to assess an individual student’s growth and success. 


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More virtual learning information available on the student information page accessed through the Student Portal.