Visual & Performing Arts

Mary Poppins • February 2020

Saint Mary’s School invites you to explore and develop your creative talents in music, dance, theatre, and the visual arts.

Whether you’re bound for art school or just like to doodle, want to become a professional singer or just enjoy singing in the shower, hope to dance on Broadway or just turn a move at the prom, you’ll find classes that challenge and teachers who inspire.

Artistic pursuits may be motivated by curiosity, passion or an already developed discipline. No matter what your talent and goals, dedicated Saint Mary's teachers accommodate your level of skill and ambition and help you move forward.

Whether you are an artist, an actor, a dancer or a musician, visual and performing arts instructors strive to

  • Build your self-confidence by grounding you in your chosen discipline
  • Empower you to grow into a thoughtful, expressive adult
  • Teach you the appropriate level of skill to a degree that pride in creative outcome is a given
  • Motivate you and teach to your individual goals and learning style
  • Instill in you a fundamental appreciation of our rich cultural arts heritage
  • Encourage you to preserve and support the arts in your own community

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Saint Mary's announces $6 million lead gift for Blanche Robertson Bacon Performing Arts Center

Saint Mary’s School in Raleigh, North Carolina, has received a gift of more than $6 million as part of the Saint Mary’s Forever campaign for the creation of The Blanche Robertson Bacon Performing Arts Center. The gift is being made in honor and memory of alumna Blanche Robertson Bacon, a member of the school’s high school Class of 1953 and the junior college Class of 1955, by members of her family.

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Black Box Dance Theatre offers impactful collaboration in Seminar Program

Saint Mary’s School seminar program integrates what we know girls need, with what we know of the changing world girls will be facing, to provide relevant, forward-looking, real-world opportunities to prepare girls for college and life. In collaboration with Saint Mary’s Seminar faculty, Black Box Dance Theatre is working with our students to provide innovative programming to explore topics relevant to the areas of focus as well as current events for each grade level.

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Dance Class Virtual

If I had a nickel for every time that someone in the last month has asked me, “How are you teaching chorus online?”, well… I’d have LOTS of nickels. My response has varied from an indignant “Of course, I do!” to a kinder, “It’s different, but we are still singing and sharing music every day. Why wouldn’t we?” I got the giggles in a recent Zoom meeting with Director of Dance Ms. Yount and some others last week when a friend said, “How are you, Lisa?  Are y’all still dancing?”  Ms. Yount backed up so the camera captured her entire living room with every piece of furniture pushed to the walls and stacks of CDs next to an 80’s boom box. Yes! The dance goes on!

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Orchesis Spring Concert 2020 Poster


Dear Saint Mary’s Community,

Although you may not be joining us for a concert in Pittman auditorium… I hope this letter finds you and your family in great health and in the comfort of your homes. This truly has been a time of adjustment for Orchesis Dance Theatre, as the dancers have left the studios and found themselves spinning around in their kitchens taking virtual dance classes. The vast changes in our daily lives have not, however, belittled the dedication, love, and strength of Orchesis Dance Theatre. This spring concert may look a little different but it is busting at the seams with remarkable creativity.

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The arts at Saint Mary's in the age of virtual learning

In the age of COVID-19 and distance learning, arts education may be among the most challenging disciplines to teach online. The performing arts typically involve lengthy in-person collaboration and rehearsals working closely together toward live performance with real-time reaction from an audience. The creation of visual art benefits from the hands-on interaction between teacher and student with all the resources of the studio. True to their creative and resilient nature, Saint Mary’s Visual and Performing Arts faculty and students are rising to the meet the challenge with innovative projects and strategies to continue their work in meaningful ways.

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Orchesis members in D.C. for Alvin Ailey

Over the weekend of Feb. 7-9, 2020, 23 members of the Orchesis Dance Theater, along with dance instructors Lisa Yount and Michelle Pearson headed off to Washington D.C. for a delightful two-night trip.

The group left Friday morning and spent their first day discovering Georgetown and sightseeing at the Georgetown Harbor. The day concluded with dinner all together at a Mexican restaurant right next to the ice-skating rink.

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Mary Poppins • February 2020

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