Performance | Orchesis Dance Theatre

Saint Mary's School's resident dance company is Orchesis Dance Theatre. Students who are serious about performing participate in the company by the invitation of the dance faculty and register for either Orchesis or Honors Orchesis. All Orchesis company members enroll in appropriate level dance technique classes each semester at Saint Mary's as co-requisites. Students who want to participate in Orchesis and are enrolled in technique classes at another training facility will be considered upon review by the Dance Director.

Students in Orchesis must enroll each semester in a minimum of one appropriate level ballet and one modern course. Students in Honors Orchesis must enroll in a minimum of three technique courses each semester including an appropriate level ballet, a modern course, and a third dance course of their choosing. There are two formal Orchesis concerts each year. Students perform dances choreographed by Saint Mary's dance faculty, guest artists and have the opportunity to invest time exploring their own choreography. Students primarily perform varied works of choreography in modern, contemporary and classical ballet, jazz, and hip hop.

Students come to the Saint Mary's School Dance Program with varied dance experiences and areas of concentration. Presently, students who are performing in Orchesis have primarily been trained in classical ballet, modern, and/or jazz. In rehearsal and performance settings, a student’s previously learned skills are respected. The rehearsal process provides new information that furthers students' knowledge, breadth and scope of dance.

The dance program takes pride in being able to work with the students not only in group ensembles, but also in smaller, more intimate settings such as duets and trios. This personal approach allows instructors and students to discover nuances in the learning process that can be overlooked when ensembles are too large.