Compass Exploration September 2017

SEPTEMBER 16 & 28, 2017 

Ninth Grade MBTI
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment that is believed to measure psychological aspects of personality and how our personality impacts our everyday life choices. How does your MBTI affect your understanding of the world, relationships, job choices and much more! We will collage to represent our MBTI and show the diversity of personality within the ninth grade class.
Portraits and Stories (a deep-dive, two-part event)
What makes an amazing portrait so amazing? Through this interactive workshop, you will learn the fundamental process of taking a strong photograph.  With a special focus on portraiture, each student will be shown how the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings can affect a final image. This is a two-part Compass/Exploration. If you sign up for this experience, you will continue your portraiture work on Thursday, September 28, which will include going out into the community to take portraits at a local non-profit.   
Race: Are We so Different?  (a deep-dive, two-part event)
Travel to the Museum of Natural Science to explore a renowned traveling exhibit on the context of race. Explore race through the lens of history, science, and culture. This is an interactive exhibit where you can reflect and share on your personal experiences. Prior to attending the exhibit, you will have to opportunity to enter into a conversation about race, facilitated by Saint Mary's School faculty.
Mean Girls  (a deep-dive, two-part event)
Come work with the script of our upcoming fall production of Mean Girls and explore the objectives, motivation, and subtext behind each character. Then improv, changing the scenes of the play with healthy and positive reactions. Learn about the Queen Bee and her Court and their assigned roles in the clique. On Thursday, September 28, members of the workshop will perform the Girl World at Peace improvs for the student body.

Miss Representation
The media is selling the idea that girls’ and women’s value lies in their youth, beauty, and sexuality and rather than in their capacity as leaders.   Explore gender stereotypes as you view the award-winning film Miss Representation.  After viewing the film, participants will enter into conversation and create pieces to be used to raise awareness in the Saint Mary's community.
Conversation Pillow Art (a deep-dive, two-part event)
How can we design fabric to open the doors of conversation and promote inclusion? In this two-part Compass Exploration event, you will discuss ways to open conversation on campus and design your own fabric to be used to create conversation pillows. On September 28, watch your fabric come to life through the printing process and sew your design into a pillow that will be displayed around campus.
Exploring Girl World  (a deep-dive, two-part event)
What does your Girl World look like?  Are there Queen Bees and Wannabes?  Sidekicks and Bystanders?  Targets and Champions?  This deep dive will begin Saturday, September 16, with a comparative look at bestselling author Rosalind Wiseman’s descriptions of the social hierarchies that shape girls’ lives and your own vision of the world in which you live. The second part of this workshop will involve a Design a Girl World Game Challenge.  Participants will imagine and create their own Girl World games to be played at the end of the Thursday, September 28 Compass Exploration session.
I've got Your Back (a deep-dive, two-part event)
Alfredo Hurtado of Black Box Dance Theatre will join Saint Mary’s School dance faculty member, Michelle Pearson, for this two-part community building workshop.  Alfredo is a dancer, musician, and combat disabled Army Veteran.  He is a Purple Heart recipient and knows the value of a community of allies who, for better or worse, “have your back”.  This workshop is about leaning in and offering support to those around you (literally!).  It is about allowing others to support you (literally!), about listening to the unspoken word, and finding a voice of courage.  No dance experience required.  Wear comfortable clothes that allow for free moving.