Leadership Opportunities

As a student leader at Saint Mary’s School, I will never do anything I would not advocate another student doing. I cannot demand respect if I do not conduct myself accordingly. I will maintain integrity in all aspects of my life and respect the ideals of Saint Mary’s, acting as a “shining example” to others. The students are influenced by my actions, and the success of the year depends upon my judgment. I will practice humility, consideration, friendliness, helpfulness, and dependability to all.

Student Leader Oath

When you commit to a leadership position at Saint Mary’s School, you step into a partnership role with school administrators and peers. We believe active leadership does not always connote a title but instead, employs specific skills that can be identified, taught, learned and practiced. In conjunction with our Episcopal identity, Saint Mary’s prescribes to the Servant Leadership Theory which promotes the growth of self and one’s community. Tenants of Servant Leadership include foresight, community building, growth of people, awareness, healing, persuasion, listening, stewardship, empathy, and conceptualization.

Opportunities for leadership positions abound at Saint Mary's School, both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as throughout the greater Raleigh community. Below is a sampling of leadership opportunities:
  • Admission Ambassadors
  • Black Student Union
  • Student Government Association
  • Athletics Council
  • Attending conferences and speaker engagements
  • Community Service
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Development Ambassadors
  • Marshals
  • Vestry