Seminar Program

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The Saint Mary’s School seminar program integrates what we know girls need, with what we know of the changing world girls will be facing, to provide relevant, forward-looking, real-world opportunities to prepare girls for college and life.

As part of the school's comprehensive and innovative curriculum, seminar classes are designed to help girls develop key competencies through relevant, experiential learning experiences with experts, resources, and organizations in the greater Raleigh area.

Seminar topics change quarterly and focus on one of four areas: communication, innovation, social impact, and health and wellness. The grade-level content also incorporates themes of leadership education, public speaking, college counseling, and financial literacy. Senior seminar classes also focus on preparing students to transition to college with a semester of intensive college counseling and application preparation, and a second semester during which they apply what they have learned and the skills they have developed to an individually-designed internship or capstone project.

Seminar classes are credited and required for graduation.