Each student at Saint Mary's receives her own Lenovo Tablet PC laptop.

This power tool, which few other schools provide, ensures that each student will be a leader in a world that demands flexible, mobile learners capable of building connections to people and resources. We understand that a 21st-century education is incomplete without a technology program that intentionally gives its students not just technical skills but also management skills to help them navigate the new electronic reality. With your tablet laptop, you can

  • Take digital notes that include typed text, digital ink and online resources in an electronic notebook
  • Record your Spanish homework for your teacher to listen to
  • Compose and record music
  • Produce and edit video
  • Use graphic design software to create and modify electronic images
  • Draw, diagram, mind-map
  • Stay in touch with family and friends around the globe
  • Learn to write software
  • Make a digital scrapbook and organize the pictures that record your memories

One-to-One Convertible LAPTOP Tablets

One-to-one convertible laptop tablets and a 24/7 wireless campus allow you to use technology to learn in and out of the classroom. Saint Mary’s provides you with the know-how for using the versatile laptop computer with both a traditional keyboard and innovative tablet features and capabilities. And to be sure that you become a critical, ethical, resourceful user of technology, we teach you how to manage technology so that it doesn’t manage you.

You learn to navigate a world of ubiquitous online communication by knowing when to connect and when to unplug. With a focus on safety and respect, you learn about communicating with others through email, social networks and other technologies as they arise. You learn how to select the best tool or program to complete your task and how to find new solutions to make your ideas come to life. Once in college, you will be like other Saint Mary’s graduates who find they are ahead in technology savvy just as they are in academics and life skills.