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Team Orchesis

Saint Mary's senior Rebekah Elam '22 reflects on her four-year experience as a member of our Orchesis Dance Theatre, and how it has impacted her life, her spirituality, and her growth at SMS.

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Tim Healy crop

In Tuesday's Election Day Chapel, Dean Healy reflected on what Election Day means to him.

Today is a special day for me. Election Day always has been filled with great memories. One of the earliest and few memories I have of my parents working together involve painting and building yard signs for my father’s town council races in upstate New York. Then there was always the excitement of Election Day itself. My parents would let me go to the polls with them and vote on their behalf. As you can imagine at four years old, pulling a lever next to your father’s name was exciting. Then there was the excitement of voting in a presidential election for the first time. The 2000 primary was the first time I was able to vote for a presidential candidate, made even better by the fact it was for someone who became a real political hero for me and with whom I eventually spent time. 

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