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What's the Saint Mary's difference? We know you want more than just a classroom experience.

That's why our Academic and Student Life teams work together to make sure your Saint Mary’s experience doesn’t end with your last class of the day. The possibilities are endless for you to explore your interests and discover who you are and who you want to become.

Leadership education is integrated into all activities across campus. You will be challenged to ask questions and examine the “why” of things as you are empowered to speak up and speak out. You will enjoy the freedom to be you – the REAL you, as you develop a personal sense of accountability and respect for yourself and others. And you will utilize the resources found in our urban Raleigh location, to contemplate how your actions impact our school, our wider community, and even our world.

Whether joining a club, running for student government, dancing the night away at Winter Formal, traveling to a mixer off campus, or working in the school’s community garden, you will be an important part of our vibrant living and learning community. And no matter what you choose to do, you can be sure your classmates and the network of dedicated adults will be there to encourage and celebrate you every step of the way.

Elected Student Leaders, 2021-2022

Student Government Association, 2021-2022

  • Tommi Hayley Wilder '22, President
  • Dimney Louise Rideout '22, Vice President
  • Caroline Rebecca Garrison '22, Secretary
  • Sofia Blanco Cimballa '22, Chair of Judicial Board
  • Margaret Helen “Mimi” Peterson '22, Vice-Chair of Judicial Board
  • Mills Katherine Austin '22, Chair of Student Life
  • Ainsley Grace Parkerson '22, Boarding Life Representative
  • Rebekah McNeill Elam '22, Day Life Representative
  • Maria Coe “Coco” Jones '22, Senior Class President
  • Jane Elizabeth Usher '22, Chief Marshal

Marshals, 2021-2022

Congratulations, to Saint Mary's School's elected Marshals for 2021-2022.

  • Chief Marshal Jane Usher '22
  • Lily Finkelstein '22
  • Kreusi Griffin '22
  • Francie Hogshead '22
  • Macy Seymour '22
  • Ciara Wingfield '22



12th Grade Officers

  • Coco Jones '22, President
  • Emily DeRonja '22, Vice President
  • Lizzie Cox '22, Secretary
  • Evelyn Crosthwaite '22, Student Life Council
  • Emma Foreman '22, Student Life Council
  • Lucy Smith '22, Food Council
  • Ainsley McCurry '22, Food Council
  • Sarah Ryhs Keller '22, Judicial Board Rep.
  • Sarah Stockton '22, Judicial Board Rep.
  • Sallie Bossing '22, Judicial Board Rep.
  • Hannah McMinn '22, Judicial Board Rep

11th Grade Officers

  • Chloe Coleman '23, President
  • Lily Larson '23, Vice President
  • Gillian Englert '23, Secretary
  • Lilly Bryant '23, Student Life Council
  • Caroline Bradshaw '23, Student Life Council
  • Anna Clair Wiggins '23, Food Council
  • Sibley Hash '23, Food Council
  • Eliza Dunn Tillman '23, Judicial Board Rep.
  • Elizabeth Zhang '23, Judicial Board Rep.
  • Embree Duffy '23, Judicial Board Rep.
  • Margaret Montague '23, Judicial Board Rep

10th Grade Officers

  • Helen Newcomb '24, President
  • Lucy Whitford '24, Vice President
  • Abby Sottini '24, Secretary
  • Bryn Montgomery '24, Student Life Council Boarder Rep.
  • Mary Susan Rideout '24, Student Life Council Day Rep.
  • Molly Lanahan '24, Food Council Boarder Rep.
  • Anna Jones '24, Food Council Day Rep.24
  • Lily Chafin '24, Judicial Board Rep.
  • Anna Ross Carmichael '24, Judicial Board Rep.

9th Grade Officers

  • Ellery Ferguson '25, President
  • Emma Teague '25, Vice President
  • Mary Powell Chesnutt '25, Secretary
  • Amelia Edmonston '25, Student Life Council Boarder Rep.
  • Emme Seymour '25, Student Life Council Day Rep.
  • Eliza Gugenheim '25, Food Council Boarder Rep.
  • Helen Wein '25, Food Council Day Rep.



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Student Life News

Throughout Saint Mary’s history, clubs and organizations have been an integral part of student life. Today, Saint Mary’s boasts clubs that have been active on campus for more than a century as well as those launched and created by students just this year.

The annual club and organization assembly in Pittman Auditorium and club fair on the lawn was held Monday, September 20, to introduce this year’s clubs, facilitate students signing up for open membership groups, and officially kicking off the year’s club activities.

Read More about Annual Club Fair showcases abundant extracurricular opportunities for Saint Mary’s students

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May 13, 2022

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