Boarding and Residential Life

Boarding school prepares students for college and life like no other educational environment. 

At Saint Mary's School, you can immerse yourself into an exciting 24/7 learning and living community. Here, you will find a home-away-from-home with Saint Mary's 360-degree approach to high school. A team of educational experts works together to guide you in academic and extracurricular course selection, college essays, and more. Extended access to campus facilities, additional time spent with teachers and peers, and a vibrant downtown Raleigh location, further enrich your experience as you discover your unique talents, interests, and life goals.

It's about community.

Residential faculty and students live together in an inclusive and respectful community and work together to create and sustain an environment where

  • students are known and their voices are heard;
  • the dignity and worth of every person is valued and respected; 
  • adults living on campus are accessible and dedicated to helping students gain confidence and independence
  • students grow intellectually, socially, culturally, and spiritually;
  • students are able to take healthy risks by stepping outside of their comfort zones;
  • students and adults learn the power of philanthropy and servant leadership
  • students learn to make good decisions, see the "big picture," and live intentionally in community with one another.

The residential community at Saint Mary's School offers regular residential programming to empower students to confidently be themselves, grow in independence, and make healthy, informed and ethical decisions.

For more information about the benefits of boarding schools, visit The Association of Boarding Schools.