The residential program at Saint Mary's School is designed to support and encourage you as you make new friends, meet new people, explore new places and enjoy new experiences.

Living away from home is a big step in a your independence. At Saint Mary's the dedicated residential faculty and staff will help guide you as you face your fears, expand your limits and broaden your horizons. They will become your extended family, welcoming you and your fellow students into their lives on campus.

Boarding prefects reside in each residence hall to support residents and ensure a positive experience for all. In addition, groups of students meet regularly to discuss dorm life and keep residents and parents of boarding students informed with regular communications.

Weekends activities offer many experiences for you to share with friends. Play sports, relax, attend a mixer at another boarding school, make s’mores over the fire pit on the Smedes patio, do your laundry, play games with your favorite teacher and his or her family; go out for dinner and a movie with friends, work on a community service project, go shopping at Cameron Village, take a trip to Umstead Park for a hike, or study in the library. Every weekend offers a remarkable range of choices – just take your pick!