Undivided Attention Club

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Saint Mary's School's Undivided Attention Club (UAC) is a student club created to help middle school-aged students struggling with virtual learning. We currently offer free tutoring services to students at Martin Middle School with proctoring offered in 45-minute sessions by Saint Mary's School's high school student club members.

If you are a Martin Middle School student struggling with English, History, Mathematics, or Science, or you are a parent seeking support for your child at Martin Middle School, please complete and submit an inquiry form using the red button below. You can also contact our team by emailing us at

Saint Mary's UAC club members are looking forward to helping your child!

Meet Our Members

Pictured (from right to left): Emma Key '23 | Anna Clair Wiggins '23 | Karli Attayek '23 | Isabel Yates '23


Emma Key '23 - Welcome Video

Emma Key '23 - Math Tutor

Emma is a junior day student from Cary, NC, and she is the UAC's head of the mathematics tutoring. She's an active member of Saint Mary's School's volleyball, basketball, and softball teams, and a writer for the school newspaper, The Belles.

In addition, she serves on the Saint Mary's Athletic Council. Off-campus, Emma serves as a leader for her church, located in Cary. In Emma's free time, she likes to watch "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix and spending time with her friends. 

As a rising junior, she is now halfway through her Saint Mary's high school experience. "I have loved every minute of being here," says Emma. "I most enjoy the close-knit community of faculty, staff, and students and the variety of opportunities available to every girl and the help we receive to reach our full potential. For this reason, I want to help other students reach their full academic potential by serving as a tutor."

Emma truly enjoys working with younger students and creating a bond that will last beyond a few sessions. She looks forward to working with students at Martin Middle School and helping them to achieve their academic goals, no matter the subject.


Anna Clair '23 - Welcome Video

Anna Clair Wiggins '23 - English & Math Tutor

Anna Clair is a junior boarding student from Swansboro, NC. She has been at Saint Mary’s since her freshman year and loves being able to take on new roles within the Saint Mary’s community, like becoming a middle school math tutor.

Anna Clair is excited to fully embrace Saint Mary's rigorous academic schedule. She has been passionate about academics since a young age, and she hopes to help instill that passion in others.

"I am fervent about the success of younger students in learning fundamental materials," she says. "Tutoring allows me to form new connections and advance my teaching abilities by incorporating new and innovative methods."

As a tutor, Anna Clair is open to helping students with any subject, but specializes in tutoring English and Mathematics.

Anna Clair is active on campus and is the Undivided Attention Club's vice president, a student admission ambassador, an eleventh-grade class officer, a boarding prefect, and a competitive gymnast.

In her free time, she enjoys eating sushi and watching comedies on Netflix.


Isabel Yates '23 - Welcome Video

Isabel Yates '23 - English & History Tutor

Isabel is a junior day student from Raleigh, NC. She has been at Saint Mary's since her freshmen year and has loved the tight-knit community and challenging academics that Saint Mary's offers. She says she has grown a great deal in her time at 900 Hillsborough Street.

As a rising junior, Isabel enjoyed taking a theatre tech class during the 2020-2021 academic year, but really loves art. "I also love writing, which serves me well in both History and English, and I am always happy to help edit a paper or piece of creative writing," says Isabel. "I do quite a bit of art at home and in school, and I would be thrilled to help out in any artistic capacity, if there is also an interest in those subjects." 

Isabel is excited about the opportunity to tutor younger students because  she has always enjoyed academics and says that tutoring gives her the opportunity to use her skills to help others, as well as continue to develop her teaching skills. She looks forward to the connections that will form from this new tutoring program at Saint Mary's and thinks it is something that she, herself, could have benefited from when she was in Middle School. "I am so grateful to be able to give that to someone else!" she adds.


Karli Attayek '23 - Welcome Video

Karli Attayek '23 - Science Tutor

Karli Attayek is a junior day student and member of the class of 2023 alongside her Undivided Attention Club classmates.

Karli's tutoring specialty is Science. 

As to why she wanted to be a member of the club, she says, "I wanted to be a tutor to help students learn material for which they need help."

Karli is also a member of the Saint Mary's tennis team and loves the sport.

"Saint Mary’s is an amazing school with wonderful teachers and staff, and I love being part of such a special place."

In her free time, she enjoys surfing and the beach.



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