Our Spirit: Traditions

After more than 170 years, Saint Mary's has cultivated a wealth of traditions to mark important milestones, honor achievements and celebrate girls. Sharing in these traditions connects students with the generations that came before them and gives girls the courage to make their own special mark at Saint Mary's.

Annual Events

Students look forward to yearly events like Sigma-Mu Day, Spirit Week, Lighting O' the Grove, Honor Week, Winter Formal, Prom, Spring Fling, Career Day and Commencement, to name just a few.

School Ring

Saint Mary's trademark black onyx school ring bears the school seal and the student's class year. It is often passed from grandmother to mother to daughter. Saint Mary's school ring unites students with an international network of Saint Mary's alumnae.

School Hymn

The Saint Mary's School Hymn ties students to the school's spiritual foundation. Students sing it, arm-in-arm with friends and teachers in Chapel, and carry it with them far beyond Saint Mary's gates.


Academic convocations open and close each school year. In the fall, the Academic Convocation features an impressive procession of faculty and seniors and introduces students to their teachers for the year. In the spring, the Honors Convocation recognizes and celebrates students for outstanding academic achievements.

Our Episcopal Heritage

At the heart of saint Mary's legacy is a rich Episcopal heritage, which informs the school's values, calls everyone in the community to respect the dignity of every human being and strive for justice and peach among all people. The historic Saint Mary's Chapel is the center of spiritual life on campus. A student vestry works closely with Saint Mary's chaplain, who leads worship and spiritual formation programs. Our chaplain is available to the entire Saint Mary's community for pastoral care, counseling and spiritual guidance.