Saint Mary's Giving Circle Program

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Every Saint Mary’s girl has the potential to become a confident, compassionate, and capable leader. For 182 years, our institution has been dedicated to providing an exceptional all-girls education that nurtures these qualities and equips our students with the skills they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world. With the unwavering leadership-level support and dedication of alumnae, parents, grandparents, friends, and community partners, we can ensure Saint Mary’s Forever.

The Saint Mary's Giving Circle Program was established in 2015 and recognizes our most generous and dedicated alumnae, families, and friends, all of whom make a three-year, leadership-level financial commitment to Saint Mary's Annual Fund. By joining a Giving Circle, these donors inspire and encourage broader participation in the Annual Fund and thereby create even more robust support for Saint Mary’s each year.

Membership Levels:

  • $10,000 Giving Circle - $3,333.33 x 3 years
  • $15,000 Giving Circle - $5,000 x 3 years
  • $20,000 Giving Circle - $6,666.66 x 3 years
  • $25,000 Giving Circle - $8,333.33 x 3 years
  • $30,000 Giving Circle - $10,000 x 3 years
  • $45,000 Giving Circle - $15,000 x 3 years
  • $75,000 Giving Circle - $25,000 x 3 years
  • $100,000 Giving Circle - $33,333.33 x 3 years
  • $150,000 Giving Circle - $50,000 x 3 years

Members of Saint Mary's Giving Circles:

  • Serve as Role Models: Those in the Giving Circles serve as role models to other alumnae.  They lead by example.  They stand “out in front,” model courage, model loyalty, model what it looks like to invest in Saint Mary’s School.
  • Are Visible: Giving Circle members are recognized at high profile events, introduced at gatherings, and invited to speak at gatherings as well. The names of members of Giving Circles will be on the website and in school publications.
  • Participate in Regularly Scheduled Meetings (by conference call): Members meet by conference call four times annually.

Benefits of Membership:

The greatest benefit of membership in a Giving Circle is knowing that you are investing in all-girls education and in a school that for 182 years has prepared young women to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and courageous in how they choose to lead their own lives and serve and shape their world.

Other benefits include opportunities for interacting with an ever-expanding group of women and men who are both thoughtful and bold in their giving; special invitations from the Head of School to events in the broader environment that are related to advancing women and girls; access to school updates not shared broadly; and recognition as a key investor in sustaining the legacy of this great school.

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Lauren E. Gerber
Director of the Annual Fund