The Heritage Society honors those alumnae, parents, grandparents, and other friends who choose to sustain the mission of Saint Mary’s School through their planned and estate gifts.

Members of The Society have made a provision to support Saint Mary’s School in their wills, through one or more life-income gift arrangements, or by some other deferred gift plan which will ultimately benefit the school.


"Saint Mary's was a special place to Jane and she wanted to give back to the place that gave her so much. Her gift is her enduring testimonial." To read more, click on the links below.

Anna Pitt '50HS '52C
Jane Wolfe '43C
Eve Hargrave Smith '53HS

Heritage Society Members as of July 28, 2020

Otis Agnew
Anonymous (8)
Helen Anne Alford ’69C 
Ashley Richardson Allen ’81C
Amanda Brantley Anders ’73C
Elaine Russos Anlyan ’68C
Merritt Atkins ’99
Marilyn Zschau Baars ’57C
Blanche Robertson Bacon ’53HS ’55C
Hannah Carson Baggett ’98HS
Julia Walker Barge ’82HS ’84C
Betty Copeland Becher ’60C
Gloria Taft Becker ’92HS
Anna Neal Blanchard ’76HS
Betsy Blee ’71C
Joan Sandlin Bowen ’68HS
Ann Beland Brooks ’73C
Molly Brooks ’83HS
Brick and Mary Craig Timberlake Brown ’77HS ’79C
Jane Darden Brown ’71C
P. David and Suejette Brown
John and Mary Louise Bizzell Burress ’56C
Caren Threshie Camp ’71HS
Tricia Roberts Canady ’74HS ’76C
Mary Clara Capel ’76HS ’78C
Lindsay Shaw Carlson ’85C
Watts and Betsy Steele Carr ’63C
Alleen Cater ’63HS ’65C
Pat White Copeland ’68HS
Katherine Cotten-Meunier
Suiter Whitehead Coxe ’81HS ’83C
Carol Biggers Dabbs ’55HS ’57C
Rucker McCanless Eggleston ’71C
Steve and Nora Esthimer
H. Spencer Everett
Sara Fair ’53C
Katherine A. Falls ’89C
Carter Warren Franke ’75HS ’77C
Molly Froelich
Groome and Ann Campbell Fulton ’59C
Angela Sutton Furniss ’89HS
Palmer Peebles Garson ’75HS
Gordon Grubb
Richard “Dick” M. Hagen
Alice Smith Haynes ’68C
Sally Shapard Hill ’54C
Cammy Bailey Hodges ’83C
Betty Wrenn Bevan Hoggard ’49HS ’51C
Lou Cheatham Holmes ’57C
Deane Gresham Holt ’81C
Abbot Henderson Howard ’54C
David and Martha Kornegay Howard ’77HS ’79C
Judy Rhodes Hoyt ’63C
DeAnna Williams Huffines ’83HS ’85C
Betty Debnam Hunt ’47HS ’49C
Molly Williams Hyer ’46HS ’48C
Lou Johnson Johanson ’58C
Neal Johnson ’74C
Coles Hines Jones ’79HS ’81C
Mary Lou Jones
Hallie Sessoms Kennedy ’02
Ginger Vann King ’58C
Leigh Reynolds King ’82HS ’84C
Margaret Gardner Kressmann ’60HS ’62C
Annie Cox Layne ’84C
Gretchen DuPree Leonard ’85HS ’87C
Mary Leigh Lewis ’82C
Ann Rountree Lineweaver ’58C
Grey Watkins Lineweaver ’60C
Drewry Estes Logan ’43HS
Ann Penton Longley ’52C
Emily Longley ’81HS ’83C

Kimmie Maiden ’98C
Joe and Dee Williamson Marley ’77HS
Bill and Nancy Marlowe
Cynthia Nixon Mastro ’61HS
Lanier Brown May ’78HS ’80C
Susan P. McDaniel ’74HS ’76C
Margaret McGlohon ’81C
Leslie Wagstaff McKay ’94HS
Sheila McLamb ’75HS
Bitty Grimes McRae ’41HS ’43C
Lou Latham Miller ’69HS ’71C
Sandy Mitchell
Jean Schaefer Moore ’82C
Sue Battle Moore ’63C
Victor B. and Anne Nichols Moore ’52HS ’54C
Elizabeth Van Dyke Morgan ’91C
Helen Holt Morrison ’39C
Susan Spaulding Mullin ’63HS
Martha Murphy ’76HS ’78C
John and Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C
Lindsay Smith Newsom ’63HS
Dell Parker Paschal ’70HS ’72C
Josie Ward Patton ’57C
Gail Perry ’71C
Rodney and Elizabeth Rasberry Pitts ’79C
Alyson Poole ’81HS
Alice Purdie ’64HS ’66C
Charlotte Smith Purrington ’65HS
Peaches Rankin ’70HS ’72C
Jean Redding ’72HS
Kate Yandell Reece ’03
Frank E. Roberts
Wyndham Robertson
Sally Dalton Robinson ’51HS
Lois Perry Sawyer ’52C
JoAnn Nance Small ’73HS ’75C
Belle Williams Smith ’63C
Eve Hargrave Smith ’53HS
Helen Hier Smith ’46HS
Henry and Tracy Fodor Smith
Susie Soper ’66C
Margie Johnson Springer ’79HS
Beth Harriss Sprunt ’50C
Bettie Gaither Stokes ’44C
Gray Clark Stoughton ’78HS ’80C
Joan Wickham Sugg ’65HS ’67C
Richard and Cheryl Lee Taft ’68C
Roses Watson Taylor ’62HS ’64C
William and Lee Archibald Taylor ’78C
Mary Kelly Teague ’95C
Jane Westbrook Thomason ’54HS ’56C
Nancy Bobbitt Thompson ’49HS ’51C
Caroline Clark Trask ’58HS ’60C
Perry Grimes Van Dyke ’63HS ’65C
Sally Underhill Viault ’56HS
Britt Vice ’82HS ’84C
Susan Davis Virgin ’66HS ’68C
Judee Metcalfe von Seldeneck ’60C
Diane Stockard Wade ’66HS ’68C
Janie Cameron Wagstaff ’74HS ’76C
Carter Ward ’76HS ’78C
Chelsea Ward ’09
Elizabet “Libby” Reese Ward ’55C
Charlie Sloan Watson ’73C
Margaret Longley White ’79C
Nancy Bowen Wiggins ’68C
Cross Williams
Blanche Williamson ’76HS
Charlie and Flo Winston
Claire Robinson Woodard ’67C
Leslie Allred Yates ’96HS ’98C

Contact Us

For more information about the Heritage Society, please contact:

Brandon Wright
Director of Gift Planning

Saint Mary’s recognizes with great appreciation Heritage Society members who are now deceased:

Frances Adams ’35C
Brooke Allan ’35C
Jill Allen ’44C
Jane Anderson
Valentine McMillan Armstrong ’56C
Julian Baker
Barbara Miller Barksdale ’49C
Nancy Swindell Baum ’61HS ’63C
Griffin Bell
William and Helene Carpenter Blackwell ’46C
Elizabeth Tarry Boyd
Hawkins Bradley
Levie and Marie Bridger 
Mary Woodell Briggs
Sumner Parham Broughton ’54HS ’56C
Margaret Holt Brown 
Cicely Cushman Browne 1913HS
Eleanor Jackson Burleson ’37C
Franklin and Geraldine Burroughs
Binford Chew Carr ’50C
Geraldine Cate
Eleanor Clement 
Linda Piland Close ’54C
William and Stella Coleman
Anne Moore Colgin ’62HS
Ruth Bond Conger ’42C
Ed Conklin 
Debbie Conner Connor ’54HS ’56C
Margaret Elizabeth “Betsy” Nichols Cooksey ’62C
Susan Ashburn Cotten ’46C
Mary West Paul Craft ’44C
Elizabeth Shands Dell ’32C
Norvine “Dick” and Sara Craig Dickerson ’37C
Alice Walker Dillard ’21C
Cleave Shore Dodd ’26HS
Sammy Pou Doughton ’42C
Pete and Frankie Strosnider DuBose ’50C
Benjamin N. Duke 
Betsy Warren Dunn ’29C
Peggy Hooker Edwards ’51C
Samuel T. and Sibby Callaway Emory ’52HS ’54C
Bill and Beth Ethridge 
Alice Eure
Julia Barnwell Fisher ’35C
J. Floyd and Bobbie Moore Fletcher ’32HS ’34C
Elizabeth Flint Fox 
Anne Carter Freeze ’40HS
Mazie Strickland Froelich ’51C
Mary Gault ’38C
Margaret Norfleet Gidley ’45HS ’47C
Grover and Mary Midyette Godwin ’39C
James Gray 
Anne Gregory ’54HS
Fletcher and Mary Louise Riddick Gregory ’38C
Catherine Haig
G. Fred Hale
Sarah “Tut” Barbee Hanner ‘46HS ’48C
Margaret Hardin ’30C
Miriam Hardin ’27C
Jo Culpepper Hedrick ’25C
Margaret Fonville Heyward 
Sara Stockton Hill ’44C
Joan Schiltz Hogaboom ’54HS ’56C
Lawrence S. Holt 
Katherine Hosmer ’26C

Mary Ferebee Howard ’32C
Betty Wales Howison ’41C
Eleanora Hunt ’30C
Isabel James 1907HS
Olive Camp Johnson ’44HS
Catherine Powell Lee ’41C
Isabel James Lehto ’32C
Mary Frances Pendleton London 
Orlando Benedict Mayer III
Bet Pou McClamroch ’45HS
Betsy Montgomery 1901C
Albertine Moore 1915C
Mary Lee LaFar Moore ’52HS ’54C
Rene Mitchell Moore ’39C
John Morrison
Mary Elizabeth Bassett Morten ’41HS ’43C
Mary Robena Nicolson ’26C
Leigh Gaither Overton ’37C
Cynthia McCaw Palmer ’47C
Terry Tripp Patrick ’56HS
Phillip and Susie Dell Patton ’49HS ’51C
Frances Pearson ’55HS ’57C
Mamie Richardson Perkins 1917HS
Anne Shook Peyton ’38C
Anna Redding Pitt ’50HS ’52C
Rosa Little Porter ’47HS ’49C
William C. Powell
Katherine Baker Procter 1919HS
William I. Procter 
Randall Proctor 
Alice McKenzie Ragland 1913HS
Trent and Anna Wood Ragland ’41HS ’41C
Libba Ruffin Roberson ’39C
Nancy Haltom Rood ’51HS
Betty Goodwyn Scott ’47C
Ellen Brent Senay 
Annie Evans Sheffield ’27C
Julia Skinner ’33C
Florence Slater 
Georgia Murphy Smallman ’44HS
Charles and Grace Martin Smithson ’24HS ’26C
Alton and Caroline Sparkman ’29HS
Robert “Bob” Spilman
Laurence Sprunt 
Louise “Scottie” Stephenson
Nancy Bragg Dawson Rascoe Stevenson ’52C
Mary Wilson Stoney 1919C
Suzanne Dawson Tanner ’48HS ’50C
Virginia Louise Taylor ’42C
Elizabeth Warren Thompson ’13C
Nancy Holland Tucker ’48C
Rose Wallace Tucker ’45HS ’47C
Birdsall S. Viault 
Becky Davis Walkley ’37C
Phyllis S. Wall 
Sally Tucker Wideman ’41HS ’43C
Lib Taylor Williams ’47C
B. Robert Williamson, Jr.
Mary Leah Thorne Williamson ’47C
Agnes Peschau Willis ’33C
Jane Taylor Wolfe ’43C
Jean Miller Yeiser ’38C
Martha Best Yorke ’23C
Mary Brooks Yarborough Zuccarelli ’56C