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Campaign Leadership


“Frank and I are not alone in our passion to make this vision a reality. We are proud to lead as one united force and believe we have a responsibility to secure the future of Saint Mary’s. As one school with one vision for the future, we are devoted to Saint Mary’s realizing its full potential.”

Frank and Ruth E. Holding ’81C
Saint Mary’s Forever Campaign
Steering Committee Chairs



“As a past parent, the school for us is all about opportunity. As our daughter was discovering her leadership, we were discovering our leadership opportunities as well. Saint Mary’s offers opportunities on every level. It goes beyond academics: opportunity to meet new people, to discover leadership, to be able to share in the community, to provide opportunities for others. It truly is all about opportunity.”

William and Aurelia Monk P’15
Saint Mary’s Forever Campaign Cabinet



Campaign Chairs and Cabinet

Frank and Ruth E. Perry Holding ’81C, Chairs
William and Aurelia Monk
Nancy Kerr Thomason ’73HS ’75C
Anna Zevenhuizen ’07
Mike and Gloria Taft Becker ’92HS

Honorary Cabinet

Zack and Blanche* Robertson Bacon '53HS '55C
Marjorie Bryan Buckley '60C 
John and Mary Louise Bizzell Burress '56C 
Spencer* and Ellen Gimbel Everett
Betty Debnam Hunt '47HS '49C*
Mary Lou Jones
Grey Watkins Lineweaver '60C
Ralph and Linda Kerr Moore '69C
John and Susan Spaulding Mullin '63HS
Russell and Sally Dalton Robinson '51HS
Peter and Cece May Scott '68C
Sherwood and Eve Hargrave Smith '53HS
Aurelia Fulton Stafford '48HS '50C
Cross and Anne Williams 


Merritt Atkins ’99
Caroline Pisani Bell
Travis Brady ’89HS
Ted and Margaret Bratton
Jessica Thomas Capps ’95HS
Bill and Tiffany Miller Clark ’82HS
Caroline Collie ’11
Kim Norfleet Collie ’88C
Carol Biggers Dabbs ’55HS ’57C
Katie Matthews Darling ’08
Tracy Dunn
Rena Harris Earnhardt ’82HS
Jennifer Elam
 Elizabeth Denning Fernandez ’92C
Melrose Whitfield Fisher ’72HS ’74C
Angela Sutton Furniss ’89HS
John and Sallie Harris Glover ’81HS ’83C
Gordon and Sallie Grubb
Leigh McAdoo Kempf ’88C
Kennon Later ’18
Emma Carol Lewis ’09
Shore Tucker McCall ’88C
Jennifer Locke McCann ’97C
Kelly Stocks Milam ’01
Elizabeth Killen Miles ’94HS ’96C
John and Lane Turner Nash ’72HS ’74C
Sarah Staton Nash ’08
Julia Nutt ’08
Adams Paschal ’09
Trent and Wes Ragland
Tommy and Gray Clark Stoughton ’78HS ’80C
Mary Brown Taylor ’08
Allison Wilkes Thomas '93HS '95C
Melissa Morrisette Tillman ’88HS
Nella Fulton Timmons ’77HS
Marcy Everett Voelkel ’87C
Julian and Beth Williamson