Academic Faculty

Instructor of World Languages
Joined Saint Mary's in 2000

M.A., Sociolinguistics, Université of Provence, France
B.A., French as a Foreign Language, Université of Provence, France 

Nadia Metina-Belknap was educated in her native France and graduated with a double master’s degree in sociolinguistics and communications from Aix-Marseille University, France. She worked in education in France before moving to the United Kingdom and working for a translating agency.

Ms. Metina-Belknap moved to the United States in 1997 and taught at the Taft school in Connecticut before coming to Saint Mary’s School in 2000. She also taught for one year at King’s Academy in Jordan in 2009.

Ms. Metina-Belknap lives in Smedes Hall with her husband, Dr. Bob Belknap, also a teacher at Saint Mary’s School, and their daughter Lys '21, and when home from McGill University, their daughter Rim '19.

Ms. Metina-Belknap enjoys Raleigh for the cultural events and the abundance of diverse cuisine at local restaurants. She also loves taking long walks in our surrounding Cameron Park neighborhood.

“I have been residential faculty at Saint Mary's since 2000, and I love it,” says Ms. Metina-Belknap. “We love being around students and in such an academic environment.”