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Annual Club Fair showcases abundant extracurricular opportunities for Saint Mary’s students

Throughout Saint Mary’s history, clubs and organizations have been an integral part of student life. Today, Saint Mary’s boasts clubs that have been active on campus for more than a century as well as those launched and created by students just this year.

The annual club and organization assembly in Pittman Auditorium and club fair on the lawn was held Monday, September 20, to introduce this year’s clubs, facilitate students signing up for open membership groups, and officially kicking off the year’s club activities.

Participation in Saint Mary’s clubs and organizations offers girls myriad opportunities to discover new passions, develop their talents and interests, and grow as leaders.

 “Whether you’re interested in finance, trap shooting, cooking, origami, anime, coding, global issues, social justice, pickleball, or music, just to name a few, you can choose from a wide variety of clubs and organizations,” said one student.

Saint Mary’s offers service organizations, interest clubs, academic clubs, music clubs, dance clubs, traditional organizations, and leadership groups. Many clubs are extracurricular in nature, but share foundation with academic interests, such as math, science, political science, coding, literature, world languages, the arts, and more.

There are numerous examples of longstanding clubs that have thrived for years. The oldest existing club on campus is the Granddaughters Club, founded in 1909 for daughters and granddaughters of Saint Mary’s alumnae. The Beacon honorary leadership society has been active on campus since 1948. The Echo senior washtub was founded by a group of seniors in 2001. The Ladies in Blue a cappella group was founded by a voice student in the early 2000s. Saint Mary’s Model U.N., Debate Club, and Science Olympiad represent the school in competitions with other schools and conferences beyond the gates and around the state and nation. In recent years, clubs have been created for interests such as knitting, origami, and pickleball. There is truly something for everyone to try and explore through clubs and organizations at our school.

 “My hope for girls in our community is that everyone finds something they’re passionate about, and that they have an outlet to pursue these ideas,” says Interim Head of School Carol Killebrew. “With some 40 student-led organizations, I think our clubs provide each Saint Mary’s student the chance to explore new interests, spread knowledge amongst their peers, have fun, and establish leadership skills. Each semester, proposals for new clubs are accepted. These new clubs fit seamlessly alongside organizations that have been a part of our community for decades and evolve as our community grows with them.”

Click here for a list of all the clubs and organizations active at Saint Mary’s School this year.