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Ninth grade seminar innovation track concludes with Shark Tank pitches

The 2019-2020 9th grade Seminar program wrapped up its innovation track with virtual Shark Tank style pitches to potential investors April 23. The students, working in teams, observed real-life situations to create products and business plans to provide solutions to problems, situations, and challenges – large and small. Through the project, students learned about collaboration, observation, idea generation opportunity analysis, market research, prototyping, and pitching. Due to the distance learning situation, the student entrepreneurs collaborated and made their pitches to the faculty and staff sharks via the online platforms, Microsoft Teams and Google docs.

The result was a creative array of innovative products the adult sharks both wanted to invest in and purchase.

“I was extremely impressed with how the students observed real-life challenges around them and came up with innovative products to solve everyday issues and pitch their ideas in a professional way,” says one of the adult sharks. “To see the insight and thoughtfulness of these 9th graders at work makes me feel hopeful for the future when these young women will be the innovators in government, medicine, business, and other fields solving the challenges of the times.”

Check out the products the students pitched and decide for yourself if you would invest or purchase!

Tri Sty Hair Products: a device to cool down all your heat producing hair styling devices

Sponge Spray: A non-toxic spray that absorbs messes and germs on surfaces.

The Dot: an app that locates any missing item you have tagged, such as cell phones, car keys, TV remotes, a child’s stuffed animal, and more

Safety Dog Collar: a comfortable dog collar with technology to locate your dog and keep them nearby.

Style Carousel: a personal, clothes vending machine to assist in putting together outfits and keeping up with the latest styles.

Style Me: an app that inventories the items in your wardrobe and suggest outfits for your day or any event.

LED: a free app organizing tool including daily planner, meal plan, workout, and playlist
My Helmet: a customized, blue-tooth equipped bicycle helmet with cutting edge safety technology including an air bag

Avalarm: more than an ordinary cell phone alarm clock, this app wakes you up to your favorite song and walks you through your morning routine to get your day going in a most efficient and pleasant way.

Go Focus: a time management and personal organizational app with features for stress relief/meditation, daily journal, and calendar

The Procrastinapp: a free, ad-driven app for teens and young adults to organize their time, task, and self-care to eliminate procrastination on the important tasks in life

Life Link: a safety device to monitor children while they are swimming which inflates in a drowning situation and alerts parents of a problem.

Germs Away: a phone app that can scan and detect germs on everyday items such as grocery shopping carts before use

The Strooter: a combination baby stroller and electric scooter for modern-day baby strolling

Butter Bottom Skis: all-purpose skis for all terrains on dry land, water, and snow

PWC: a portable wireless charger that attaches to your laptop for charging throughout a busy day on the go

The Insta Snack: a portable thermos with drink and snack compartments that will keep your food and drink at the ideal temperature from 10-18 hours; designed by teens for teens

Select a Serving: an app designed to help reduce food waste in school and business dining facilities

Stay tuned, as patents may be pending, and these products  may soon become the hottest trending must-have items!

Mary Virginia Swain '77C