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Saint Mary’s engaged in virtual learning phase as part of 2020-2021 reopening plan

Following three months of successful in-person learning, from September through November, and as part of the school’s comprehensive 2020-2021 reopening plan, Saint Mary’s students and faculty are now engaged in three weeks of virtual learning and community activities until the Christmas break begins Dec. 18 and again in the first week of January. This year’s plan was designed to safely deliver in-person learning for most of the fall while eliminating travel between home and school during the holidays as the COVID-19 virus has surged nationwide, as anticipated.

The 2020-2021 academic calendar, which is adapted to navigate the pandemic while continuing to deliver an excellent educational program, calls for students and faculty to return for in-person learning in January with the continuation of our extensive COVID protocols which worked so well this fall.

With a growth-based approach at its center, online learning, like all Saint Mary’s programming, is designed specifically for girls and offers myriad opportunities for collaborative and student-driven learning – key competencies that leverage the strength of girls.

Knowing the importance of maintaining connections within a school community, Saint Mary’s  intentionally builds opportunities for students to connect with teachers outside of class time and with one another into its virtual-learning design. Whether it is an online assembly with the student body, a virtual chapel, a sip-n-chat session with the school nurse, or a meeting of a Student Share group – virtual learning at Saint Mary's is designed to ensure every girl is learning, growing, and supported in a virtual world.

As we continue our work, learning, and connections online in December and the first week of 2021, we look forward to masking up and being together, albeit six feet apart, in-person again in January!

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Mary Virginia Swain '77C

Director of Public Relations and Publications