Saint Mary's School News

Cross Country Team Oct 2020

Kayla Wyscarver, Saint Mary’s varsity cross country coach and seminar faculty, shared this message with her team following an Oct. 15 meet with Cary Academy, during which Saints runners ran well with several athletes achieving new season and personal bests.

Why I coach. Because the coaches before me laid a foundation for me that will never leave me, showing me that running is not just about first places or trophies. Those are all great and well earned. Running is also spiritually and mentally strengthening.

It is about character. It is an opportunity to notice the genuine effort in yourself and the sportsmanship in others. That when you are one of the last to finish, it doesn’t matter because the whole team will run that last stretch with you and pull you through to the end telling you that you are incredible and making you believe it. You still did something difficult that you at first didn’t believe you would be able to do, and no one is measuring how you did it, but that you DID it.

Today in the classroom and today on the cross country course I was humbled and so encouraged to see young women uplift each other, (unprompted and not coached) through something challenging and vulnerable. No one expected perfection today. Our current world is scary, yes, but there’s goodness everywhere. Just pause for a little, look up and see the helpers and encouragers. We are going to be okay. ❤️